Sunday, May 5, 2013

happy cinco de mayo.

happy cinco de mayo! i was gone most of this weekend running a ragnar with several friends. it's the second ragnar i've run & i had a great time - i'm a tad sore, but happy.

i'm also right in the midst of finals, so, you know, lots of things going on around here. :) i've got three papers due within the next two-ish weeks or so. while i'm really excited & passionate about the things i'm writing about, there's no getting around the fact that it's not quite a walk in the park to write 3 long research papers. :)

in other news, i'm still loving this belt...

...that can carry around wonderful little things like twigs & other stuff one finds on nature walks. haha.

gotta love the awkward faces. [insert some kind of emoji here]

did i mention during one of my legs on the ragnar i stepped wrong, lost my footing, & slid across the asphalt? i'm in scab hell heaven. it was about 3 am & pitch black & life kind of really stank right about then. & i've got war wounds to prove it! here is just one of them:

the dress & belt are thrifted, shoes are jeffrey campell, little arrow necklaces are f21 but oh, those scabs & scars are all my doing.

hope your week is fabtastic.


  1. THAT. BELT.

    i think i need it.

  2. Shayla, you are so beautiful--love the whole ensemble. Good luck with those papers!

  3. i am so in love with this outfit! bummer about the scabs though.



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