Friday, May 10, 2013

hello, is it me you're looking for?

no, but really. every time i wear this sweatshirt i just want to go up to random people & be all, "hello!!! it me you're looking for?" that sort of thing. also maybe, no DEFINITELY, a little something like this.

i mean really, i'd just walk up & say "hello!" while pointing to the sweatshirt...

...& follow it up with a "is it me you're looking for?" i'm confident that will help me win friends & influence people.

i'll give you a hint: whenever i wear sunglasses in these silly outfit pictures, it's definitely because i'm wearing little to no makeup. i wear sunglasses to hide those zombie eyes, you (perhaps unwillingly) look at pictures of me wearing sunglasses & therefore don't have to see those zombie eyes. win-win.

i'm in that painful last long stretch of finals & have got books, papers, references, scholarly journals, you name it, coming out of my ears. but the end is in sight, i say! the end is in sight!...& i want to tell you so much........i love you. (okay, this last little bit won't work/will be super awkward unless you know or had clicked on the links earlier in this post)



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