Tuesday, May 14, 2013


i've talked about my love for mindy kaling on this blog before (here, & here, for starters). i've also known for awhile that she herself keeps a bloggy blog, but i had never gotten around to going on over there to have a look at it. 

anyway, tonight after the AMAZING AND EPIC SEASON FINALE of the mindy project i stumbled into her blog as i was reading a few interwebby recaps...it then took me about .2 seconds of reading mindy's words before i shouted out loud (ben's outta town, i do what i wannnn), "okay, WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG TO READ THE BLOG OF MINDY KALING?!?"

so as soon as i turn in my last final paper next week (turned in two papers tonight, 30-ish pages total, fun [ish?] times) you can bet one of the first things i do is get all sorts of caught up on mindy's blog...which won't be too hard, seeing as the last time she posted was january of 2012. so.

CHECK IT OUT, if you want.

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