Saturday, May 18, 2013

"the great gatsby" soundtrack: my top 5.

the great gatsby movie soundtrack came out a few days before the actual movie did; i was so excited about the releases of both that i wrote them down in my planner (is that a nerd alert?). "buy gatsby soundtrack!!" was written on may 7th, & simply "GATSBY" in all caps written on the 10th. it should hopefully come as no surprise that i sometimes fangirl about stuff, & i kinda love fangirling about stuff. it's fun to occasionally really get excited about something, yeah?

anyhoodles, i personally find the album, executive produced by jay-z, brilliant. one critic (in this amazingly articulate article that i wish i had written) captures the essence & reasoning behind the album perfectly: "just as fitzgerald peppered his text with references to jazz-influenced pop songs to show how that music became a lingua franca, so this soundtrack aims to show how hip-hop now deeply informs rock, dance music and the top 40."

now, i know jay-z can be incredibly polarizing, as can baz luhrmann & his empire. that's okay. nonetheless i've compiled a list of my top 5 absolutely favorite songs from the album. to be honest, it was an incredibly hard process because i think pretty much every song is really great (do i dare say out loud that jay-z knows his stuff??). anyway, here it goes:

1. "kill & run," sia. 

when ben first heard this song he asked, "is this adele? because it sounds like adele." & while it's not adele, that's actually a good thing, because now we know there are two people in the world who have incredible, powerhouse voices. this is my favorite song on the soundtrack. it's heartbreaking, it's powerful, it captures all the yearning & pain of the movie - & the book, i daresay. oh, who am i kidding with all this writerly mumbo jumbo, what i'm trying to say is this song is SO freaking GOOOOOOOD!!!!

2. "love is the drug," bryan ferry & the bryan ferry orchestra.

just a few seconds of listening will demonstrate how close this song comes to feeling "authentically" from the 20's. ooh, i love it. those first few seconds of chords. it all feels so speakeasy...not that i would  really know what a speakeasy is like, except for that one "downton" episode where cousin matthew, edith, & co. find the random what's-her-bucket cousin has gone & snuck off to one

3. "100$ Bill," jay-z. (i searched high & low for an edited version to no avail.)

i was already a fan of this song, but then i saw the movie & loved it even more. why? because the scene that features this song is just, it's a perfect fit. in my opinion. this is all my opinion, guys. :) but anyway, the scene, plus this song, kinda gives viewers a good wake-up call into the just how sleazy are the dealings the enigmatic jay gatsby is involved in. 

4. "over the love," florence + the machine.

i mean, flo has got the pipes. & i love how elements of the gatsby story are woven into the lyrics. it's that chanting of "i can see the green light, i can see it in your eyes," that moment from about 3:21 on that really puts this song on the list for me.

5. "hearts a mess," gotye.

i was excited to find out there was a song by gotye on the album - i've been so ready to like him for more than just "somebody that i used to know" for a while now, you know? & i suppose i am predisposed to like him because he's european, & seems really cute & nice. & oh my, did he prove himself with this song. it's just, it's just delightful to me. that line, "but i'm desperate to connnnnect," i am obsessed with how it sounds. this is a good one. emotional. but what else do you expect from the guy who sang "somebody that i used to know"??

RUNNERS-UP (RUNNER-UPS?): "where the wind blows" by coco o. is such a great one & almost, almost, made the list. "bang bang" by is one where i can appreciate a solid effort at incorporating non-anachronistic, legitimately-from-the-1920's music into the song.

so go give the album a listen!

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