Wednesday, May 8, 2013

threshold dollhouse.

on monday & tuesday of this week there was a "dollhouse" set up in grand central station. the dollhouse was set up to promote a bunch of cute home decor items through threshold, which is a brand sold at - where else? - target! so not yesterday but the day before kathryn & i headed down to check it out. 

are you ready to be SO inspired by home decor??? let's get started, then!

i really appreciated the colors happening here:

pictures of kathryn taking pictures:

loved these guys, obviously.

in other news, has anyone read an object of beauty by steve martin (pictured below)? i've never read it but i've always thought about it, because, i mean, STEVE MARTIN wrote A BOOK. (& has actually written several!)

peoniesssss (& the "s" & "p" salt & pepper shakers!!):

that time they were filming something in the bedroom for 45 minutes so we had to wait to go in there & check it out:

but check out the oven mitts that had little spoons on them! i die for articles of clothing & other tidbits that have small, cute, repeating patterns on them:

but then after dinner, i was like...

see that huge bandaid on my elbow? i like to keep things classssssy, post-ragnar.

plus a picture in which i received a surprisingly large amount of air trying to click my heels together. i guess when you try to take a "newsies"-type picture, you receive magic powers. who knew??:

after this picture we tried opening the front door & it wouldn't open, which is pretty anticlimactic. but then later we saw people opening it & going i guess we just didn't try hard enough? #idontknow...& can i point out kathryn's hand is pointing way down in this picture? that's like a trick of the body? i just tried to point my hand down that much & it hurt like the dickens. #talentedfriends


the whole thing. the lights of grand central station! gorgeous.

there was actually something in the mailbox! it was like a rolled-up poster or something.

the "backyard" had fake grass that felt just like summer. is it SO sad & new york-ish of us that we were loving the grass even though it was fake? we miss backyards! ha.

playing with hedge art in the "backyard":

moral of the story is, target's threshold line has some really cute home decor stuff right now, & it was fun to be able to check it all out among the beauty that is grand central station. it's also fun to live in a place where big fun events like this happen all the time! so head to your nearest target! know, if you want to. :)



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