Wednesday, June 26, 2013

coney island photo shoot.

a month or two ago ben & i went up to coney island with our friends for a really fun photo shoot. kathryn took the photos & ryan grabbed us hotdogs on the boardwalk, hee hee. (side note: it was really eye-opening to see how altered coney island has been after sandy. docks halfway in the water, the landscape torn up, deep imprints in the sand from tractors crawling around. it's a slow but hopeful rebuilding) (in other news, the coney island website is a pretty wonky exploration into an aging theme park that is, quote, "defending the honor of american popular culture!")

kathryn & i love doing little photo shoots, & that sweet benjamin, he's a good sport, a really good sport, to go along with our shenanigans. for this one we were going for a very french-noir-boating-seaside theme, lounging on the beach in black & white with vintage trinkets in a long-passed decade sort of thing. 

we had a great time, & kathryn did a brilliant job! (all photo cred goes to her. you can see more of kathryn's photography skillz here). check out some of the photos:

there were a few smiles during the shoot. they smiled in the olden days, right? :)

smoochy-smooch #1:

finishing off a hot dog like a real lady omnomnomnomnom:

smoochy-smooch #2:

i love this one below. & both of my feet are off the ground! that's what happens when you marry a physicist. you just start to defy the laws of gravity right & left, & float, & stuff:

love ben peeking back at the cammy, & the anachronism we've unwittingly introduced with his cell phone in his pocket:

scaring seagulls! good clean fun since 1967:

both feet off the ground again, i'm telling you, being married to a physicist is the real deal!:

do you have any favorites? it's like i want to choose a few to blow up & frame but it's hard to choose just one. thank you kathryn! you're AWESOME! let's do this again soon :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


image via.

oh my gosh. you guys.

how do i say this????

let me just throw it out there: did we know all that there is a musical based on anne of green gables that exists in this universe? i repeat, THERE IS A MUSICAL BASED ON ANNE OF GREEN GABLES THAT EXISTS IN THIS UNIVERSE.

it's called "anne & gilbert" & it looks so, so wonderful. perhaps a tad cheeser, maybe just a tad, but anyone who has been to any sort of professional-ish level stage musical knows that all stage musicals are a little cheeser, am i right?

a really funny thing about the musical is that it' canadian. it opened in 2005 in victoria-by-the-sea & was directed by a guy straight outta prince edward island. the next year the production moved to prince edward island & goes on there every summer. it has toured in ontario. it's currently playing in PEI this summer. i mean, so canadian! canada looooves anne & gilbert.

read the entire synopsis of this wonderful play here.

check out a great youtube vid about it:

the musical's website is right here, & is a complete joy to explore. 

p.s. apparently they're rebooting anne of green gables for tv??! this is BIG NEWS. :)

p.p.s. 12 reasons no man will ever live up to gilbert blythe (be warned: several truths contained herein :).

in conclusion, this musical must be seen by my two ever-lovin' eyes sometime in this life, or in the life to come. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

happy birthday rosie!

on saturday our little niece rosalia turned three years old! she & her younger brother jacob are living here in nyc for the summer along with their parents, ben's sister rachel & her husband jonathan. we went over there for a little party in the afternoon & had a great time. it's so fun, & even more importantly funny, to be around little kids opening presents, i mean, am i right or am i right?

in related news, rosie makes some really wonderful & awesome faces, some of the very best i've ever seen on a 3 year old. you'll see many of these faces below. so let's get started:

such concentration:

i really wish her arm wasn't in the way in this picture so we could see her entire face, because it was such a good one. but i have a feeling you can get a pretty good idea of what was going on even from the small bit of her face you can see in the photo:

"rosie, show us what you got!":

the adoring crowd:

this one below might be my favorite rosie face. but seriously though:

that one time i told ben & rosie to make "scary faces." note especially ben's vicious frown & rosie's furrowed brows:

ben pointing out the "d" page in the nyc book we got rosie, because the "d" book features a bunch of dog photos & one of them was a dalmatian, like the dalmatian stuffed animal rosie picked out at fao schwartz. notice rosie using the dog's paw to point stuff out on the page:

candlelit singing of "happy birthday":

chocolate chocolate chip cake with berry frosting. if cakes were graded, rachel would get an a+ for this one, it was that good:

happy birthday rosie!


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