Tuesday, June 4, 2013

back again!

wow! sorry things have been totally silent here on the blog the past few days. ben was out of town for long enough that i almost kind of went completely nutso missing him & i didn't trust myself to blog because who knows what kind of sentimental shenanigans would have been typed from these fingers, & then i went out of town for a long weekend, & the blog just fell to the bottom rungs of my to-do ladder. but! we're now both back in nyc, catching up with life, & the blog climbed some steps of importance up my to-do list (ladder?). so here i am, back again! 

here's what's been going on lately, with generally somewhat crummy pictures taken on my phone (because sometimes a big camera is just a huge hassle to carry around, amiright??)

frozen hot chocolate at serendipity after seeing newsies (dark chocolate frozen hot chocolate for him, salted butterfinger frozen hot chocolate for me):

ben cello-ing it up like there's no tomorrow with his music group at our church street fair:

brunch at norma's on morning of may 14th, which is our actual anniversary day, a few hours before ben said adios to fly to canada for two weeks for research. side note? WELOVENORMA'S

ben sitting at the table so dang properly:

we ordered one sweet item & one savory item & shared. WELOVENORMA'S

it was also at this brunch i realized i was dressed like a pregnant lady - i mean, high waisted maxi skirt? i've been around enough pregnant people to know this is their fashion m.o. add in the fact that i felt really fat after eating at norma's, & my tummy totally had a food baby in it!

after norma's, we walked over to columbus circle to check out the bluth frozen banana stand they were setting up there for the day. we wish we could have stayed to grab a 'nana but 1) the line was already 17 blocks long & 2) ben had a flight to catch, people!! 

also enjoying the gorgeous view that can be seen from the roof of the MET...

...& the many gorgeous views to be had inside the MET, as well.

speaking of gorgeous views, while ben was gone, i took comfort with a little pride & prejudice marathon:

...& while watching you've got mail realizing that none other than a wee danny castellano is in it for a quick second...!!!! which, of course, makes us like him even more. 

spent lots & lots of time hanging out on google with that ocean-eyed physicist:

went ziplining in upstate new york with steph on memorial day! eeks! but we had so, so much fun:

gahhhhh, upstate new york is the BEST. here are some of the views we enjoyed while ziplining over rivers &  up in the treetops:

we had to cross over bridges sometimes to get from one landing to another, a la indiana jones. luckily nothing like this happened.

oh, & dorky helmets:

the photo on the right was our final zip (?) of the day. over 600 feet & zipping so fast to the finish line.

this guy finally came back...

...only to have me leave 12 hours later for a quick weekend wedding in salt lake city...i did not partake in said wedding other than watching it happen, for the record.

have you ever eaten at red iguana in salt lake? if not, DO! amazing mexican food, something which is hard to be found here in nyc, sadly.

also to be had in utah? leatherby's & their amazing black & tan sundaes. 

had a sighting of scott & kourtney outside the salt lake temple last saturday. this might also be lauren's husband andrew, my pregnante sister hannah, & alta's little ronan. either way. 

but similarity somewhat uncanny, right?:

photo from here.

a quick snapshot of me at the wedding (my cousin conner got married to riley! exciting.)

while with the family in salt lake, i stumbled upon a treasure trove of old pictures my uncle had of when my parents & various other family members hiked half dome in, like, 1986 or some saucy year of the 80s. 

if this isn't a candidate for dads are the original hipsters, i don't know what is. my parents are both in red. check out my madre's hat & my dad's solid beard.

(they had to do this! intense.)

another priceless photo from said half dome trip:

phew! & that, my friends, is kind of what we've been up to lately. like i said, ben & i are both back in action in nyc now & are so freaking happy to be together. hope you enjoyed this recap post?

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  1. I was looking forward t this recap post :). I love the term "food baby"--I might have to start using this more regularly than I'd entirely want to admit... Glada you and Ben are back together!



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