Wednesday, June 26, 2013

coney island photo shoot.

a month or two ago ben & i went up to coney island with our friends for a really fun photo shoot. kathryn took the photos & ryan grabbed us hotdogs on the boardwalk, hee hee. (side note: it was really eye-opening to see how altered coney island has been after sandy. docks halfway in the water, the landscape torn up, deep imprints in the sand from tractors crawling around. it's a slow but hopeful rebuilding) (in other news, the coney island website is a pretty wonky exploration into an aging theme park that is, quote, "defending the honor of american popular culture!")

kathryn & i love doing little photo shoots, & that sweet benjamin, he's a good sport, a really good sport, to go along with our shenanigans. for this one we were going for a very french-noir-boating-seaside theme, lounging on the beach in black & white with vintage trinkets in a long-passed decade sort of thing. 

we had a great time, & kathryn did a brilliant job! (all photo cred goes to her. you can see more of kathryn's photography skillz here). check out some of the photos:

there were a few smiles during the shoot. they smiled in the olden days, right? :)

smoochy-smooch #1:

finishing off a hot dog like a real lady omnomnomnomnom:

smoochy-smooch #2:

i love this one below. & both of my feet are off the ground! that's what happens when you marry a physicist. you just start to defy the laws of gravity right & left, & float, & stuff:

love ben peeking back at the cammy, & the anachronism we've unwittingly introduced with his cell phone in his pocket:

scaring seagulls! good clean fun since 1967:

both feet off the ground again, i'm telling you, being married to a physicist is the real deal!:

do you have any favorites? it's like i want to choose a few to blow up & frame but it's hard to choose just one. thank you kathryn! you're AWESOME! let's do this again soon :)


  1. I can hardly believe how much of a hipster Ben has become!

  2. You are totally channeling Little Edie! She's one of my heros.

    1. ooh yay!!! success :) i've never seen the grey gardens documentary...i should get on that!

    2. If you watch that movie and DON'T want to throw on a one piece, control top tights and dance with an american flag then I will be shocked.

  3. Beautiful! I love the one where Benjamin is helping you up the rocks, the one when you are sitting on the rocks with the bridge in the background looking different directions, and the first feet off the ground one. And the one when you are sitting on the rocks with the bridge in the background and you are talking/laughing with each other. And the last one.

  4. Replies
    1. P.S. I like the one below the "cell phone" picture on the left (his arm around you, you both looking away...), the first feet off the ground one, the him helping you onto the rocks one and the one where you're standing and he's sitting (third picture down).

  5. you are practically jackie o


  6. Those are just gorgeous pictures. If it were me, I'd print them all and then replace all of the photos around the apartment :). You're both beautiful!



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