Monday, June 10, 2013

finishing the week, finishing "arrested development."

well folks, it's the end of another week (or the beginning of another week, if you subscribe to that calendarial religion) over here at you? me. me? you. to celebrate such a momentous occasion, let's talk about the new season of "arrested development."

ben & i just finished season 4 of "arrested development" a few hours ago (are we the last ones in the world to finish? i'm not sure. all i know is we wanted to pace ourselves!) & our feelings about it are mixed, to say the least. 

we wanted to love it. we really wanted to love it. & we did like parts of it. but it - how do i say this? that magic, that spark, that brightness that ran rampant in the first 3 seasons was gone. that chemistry between the actors - you know, those scenes when the entire family is together, at the penthouse or courthouse, say, & the laughs just flowed like buster's juice intake & the one-liners are coming from all bluths one after the other - was missing. 

a lot of this might have to do with the fact that all the actors had very busy schedules & it was difficult coordinating times when they could all shoot scenes together. but then the question is, should they have made this new season if they couldn't get all the actors together - which was what made the show so wonderful & successful (well, cult-y successful, because who can forget their dwindling ratings? frowny face) in the first place? i mean, michael is at his funniest when he is reacting to the wild antics of his family members. he's the straight man, that's what he does. so to give him an entire episode where he's not around the wild antics of his family members, but rather acting more neurotic & anxious than he ever was in the original series, well...something just feels fishy. 

as you can see, i could expound even further on season 4 of "arrested development," but perhaps instead i'll refer you to THIS ARTICLE, which completely nails every point we were feeling iffy about. i'd call the article a must-read, but maybe some of you loved the new season? & who knows?  maybe we just need some more time to let it all sink in. perhaps soon we'll like the new season & allow it to join the "arrested development" canon (as we never really allowed "star wars" episodes 1 - 3 to do for the "star wars" canon).  

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