Sunday, June 23, 2013

happy birthday rosie!

on saturday our little niece rosalia turned three years old! she & her younger brother jacob are living here in nyc for the summer along with their parents, ben's sister rachel & her husband jonathan. we went over there for a little party in the afternoon & had a great time. it's so fun, & even more importantly funny, to be around little kids opening presents, i mean, am i right or am i right?

in related news, rosie makes some really wonderful & awesome faces, some of the very best i've ever seen on a 3 year old. you'll see many of these faces below. so let's get started:

such concentration:

i really wish her arm wasn't in the way in this picture so we could see her entire face, because it was such a good one. but i have a feeling you can get a pretty good idea of what was going on even from the small bit of her face you can see in the photo:

"rosie, show us what you got!":

the adoring crowd:

this one below might be my favorite rosie face. but seriously though:

that one time i told ben & rosie to make "scary faces." note especially ben's vicious frown & rosie's furrowed brows:

ben pointing out the "d" page in the nyc book we got rosie, because the "d" book features a bunch of dog photos & one of them was a dalmatian, like the dalmatian stuffed animal rosie picked out at fao schwartz. notice rosie using the dog's paw to point stuff out on the page:

candlelit singing of "happy birthday":

chocolate chocolate chip cake with berry frosting. if cakes were graded, rachel would get an a+ for this one, it was that good:

happy birthday rosie!


  1. The scary face shots made me (silently) laugh so hard. Ben totally looks like the villain in some fairy tale and Rosie looks like the damsel in distress. We just need to add my meangel face (have Ben tell you about that one) and the picture would be complete.

    1. haha i've TOTALLY heard about meangel. i just asked ben to do the face for me one more time while i was writing this comment. so so funny.

  2. Thank you, thank you for putting these up!



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