Monday, June 17, 2013

mets game.

on saturday ben & i subway'd it out to queens to go to a mets game (going to a yankees game was simply not an option for ben, but i'd like to go at least once just to say we've gone!). they were playing the cubs at citi field (shea stadium was demolished in 2009 to make more room for parking for citi field! sadness) & it was the perfect day for a baseball game...almost too perfect. it was so, so hot, it felt nice for a while until you suddenly realize that the sun has entirely sucked all your energy out of you.  

benny getting the pat-down:

stubhub does it again! instantly downloaded tickets bought hours before the game:

our seats were amazing! we sat on a 2nd tier balcony up behind home plate. we didn't even have stadium seats - they brought over padded chairs for us! an obscene amount of leg room & not a soul blocking our view:

i've always been fascinated by the patterns on baseball fields. ben & i had an embarrassingly long discussion on how many people it took to make the grass pattern in citi field, how long it might have taken, how often the grass needs to be mowed, etc. these are serious questions, people! i mean, check out this artwork. & the double circles & general latticework of the infield?! where do i sign up to design major league baseball fields??

the sun was killer on our necks, hence the backwards hats on occasion:

so. hot:

there are our seats again in the right photo. pretty good, right??:

this italian ice we bought during the 7th inning was our salvation. i read on a blog once the question, "if you could only eat one fruit flavor the rest of your life, what would it be?" my answer might just be lemon. ben sometimes can't handle its tartness, but i love it. yum. 

the mets lost to the cubs 5-3, & then this happened the very next day, but we loved it all anyway!

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