Friday, June 7, 2013

much ado about the new "much ado."

what does your favorite shakespeare play say about you? according to this highly informative article, apparently i am sympathetic to the fate of the high-born slacker with daddy issues. what can i say?! how can you say no to this face??

so in the spirit of believing that one's favorite works of literature reflect heavily one's deep personal psychology, then if you love much ado about nothing, you think affection is best shown in insult form...and you expect a lot from your lover! fair enough.

it's looking like all that & more will happen in the new adaptation of much ado about nothing...directed by joss whedon! i mean, one look at joss' impressive credentials will tell you what an exciting new turn this is for him. the guy who has done the avengers, firefly, buffy the vampire slayer, & dr. horrible is now doing shakespeare?! one ticket please! (or two - i'll be taking ben to this one!) another cool fact? the movie was filmed in joss whedon's own house!

here's the tray tray:

i think it looks quite delectable. will you be seeing it? it came out today! (but in limited theaters, i believe? you might need to double-check.)

& some further reading:

& finally, a delightful scene from kenny's 1993 much ado, just for fun:

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