Friday, June 7, 2013

summer inspiration (& perspiration?)

summer is finally upon us (or at least it's raining right now! i mean, what gives, nyc?) & that means a definite re-thinking of outfit choices. i mean, am i the only one who kind of forgets what to wear when the weather is warm? for months & months of cold i had my go-to boots, beanies, & coats, & i could get dressed in .5 seconds because i just had the routine down. once it started getting hot, i'm over here all, "where did those shorts go that i wore last summer? did i throw them away...?" & "i think i have a pair of saltwater sandals somewhere..." i still haven't quite nailed down the location of all my warm-weather clothes, but i will admit there are some summery things i've been looking forward to since the doldrums of january/february-ish.

i'm going to go ahead & warn you now that absolutely not one of the items on this list is groundbreaking in any way. i should also warn you the photos below are very, very pinterest-y & should therefore be approached at the very least with severe caution & skepticism, if not with outright disbelief and rejection.

so without much further ado about nothing, here they are!

white shoes. keds, supergas, converse, you name it. they give off such a wholesome, early-1960's vibe. they're quite baby houseman circa "dirty dancing," wouldn't you agree? & in this scene too, of course (does it surprise anyone that i've always been a bit influenced by baby's style?)

ballcaps (or do we just call them baseball hats?)

this is one that needs to be given a little more thought. the real question with this one is, how much does it make you look like kristen stewart? & is that an association you really want?) in other news, if you want to try out an outfit like this first photo, heck, more power to you, i say!

slouchy white tops.

remember, this one is a j. crew ad! it's not real life, people!:

i know in my heart that's grape juice:

short-sleeved (or rolled up? or whatever, that part doesn't matter so much) chambray.

girlfriend here is wearing a few of my favorites all in one outfit. she must have used a time machine to go forward in time, read this post, then travel back in time to pick out this outfit. that's the only  reasonable explanation:

light fedoras (what should these be called? summer wide-brimmed hats? not sure. i obviously need to be better about terminology).

& notice how this one is wearing a slouchy white top too, eh? eh?

well, & there you have it. hopefully you're starting to sense the summery vibe i'm trying to convey. all things light, breezy, & preferably white are looking really exciting right about now. toss in some saltwaters, some overalls perhaps, some nautically-themed tops, & baby, you got a stew goin'. (shout out to arrested development! are you watching the new season?). hooray for summer.


  1. Panama Hat! That's the hat you're looking for!

    1. That's it! I knew there had to be a specific name other than the lame ones I came up with :)

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