Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of july whipple reunion.

this last week kicked off our summer family reunion extravaganza!...well, we're actually only going to 2 reunions, but still. it's an extravaganza. flying to the west coast from the east coast (& worse, PAYING FOR IT) automatically makes anything an extravaganza in my book. :)

a shuttle picked us up at 4 am (!!!anungodlyhour!!!) on tuesday & took us to the airport, where we then boarded a plane to portland, oregon to attend the whipple family reunion in eugene. 

& it was the best time, i mean, really, it was a riot - almost literally. 30 people crammed into a house swimming, eating, cooking, laughing, talking, (yelling), badminton-ing & more means it's about to erupt into riot pretty much at any moment. the whipples are a loud, over-the-top, hilarious, rollicking group of family, but what makes it even funnier is that this loud, crazy group are my people - & now ben's people, too, just like the frandsens are also my people. whoa. that sentence was like a math equation.

anyway, during this last week sometimes i'd sit back & watch all the action, feeling like a fly on the wall, & think, "what a crazy group!" but then i realize, wait a second, i'm one of them, you know?  so doesn't that make me just as crazy as the rest of them? which is awesome. :)

i meant to bring my camera, but it was right about 4:45 am tuesday morning in that shuttle that i realized  i had completely & unequivocally forgotten to bring it (but better to forget one's camera than one's razor, am i right? at least i brought my razor). so cell phones pictures will have to suffice, & i sadly didn't even take many cell phone pictures either. but here they all are:

my parents were driving down from seattle & swung by the airport in portland tuesday morning to pick us up. they were coming in our little honda, which meant it was pretty crowded with everyone's luggage, hence benjamin had to keep our huge suitcase on his lap for the rest of the drive to eugene. he's a good sport:

little krew's distressed face:

 pool time! uncle david & aunt leslie have a pool in their backyard, where i remember spending just hours upon hours growing up. not much has changed these days:

that one time this strawberry sauce (intended to be mixed into strawberry lemonade) fell out of the refrigerator & splattered everywhere, & everyone looked like they had endured some serious wounds:

every 4th of july morning, eugene hosts a butte to butte run. some of us (including ben & i, my dad, the uncles, & a few others) ran the 10k, others ran the 5k, others walked the 5k. getting a group of whipples out the door at 7:30 am to make an 8:00 race is no easy task, so there was lots of celebrating (& a huge brunch) to be had after we finished. i ran my 10k in 59 minutes, benny boy ran his in 40 minutes. see if you can spot us in this picture:

the eugene whipples also have a badminton court in their front yard. epic battles happened all week long & this badminton court has been the scene of tears, frustrations, racket-throwing, joy, victory, & camaraderie. on the 4th of july we had a huge tournament, dividing people up into six teams complete with brackets (both for the winners & losers), strategy, team huddles, & spectators. each team was composed of five people. my team won every game until the championship round, where we lost TWO IN A ROW to lose it all at the last second. our loss almost broke up the family, kidding but kind of not kidding. you can spot ben below in the red shirt & blue swim trunks, my mom is opposite him in the front row in the blue shirt & blue hat. 

oh this one is a great find. this is my dad when he was about 18 working in my grandpa's backyard, giving the "hang loose" sign:

i mean, BABY TOES:

our t-shirts this year are some of the best we've ever had:

during an evening program i was sitting behind my uncle david who was holding his grandson levi (so crazy to think the three whipple brothers, my dad & uncles are now pretty much all grandpas). levi was, i mean, just staring at me the entire time, he totally won the 4 times i had staring contests with him. you can see even from these pictures, all 4 of which were taken at 4 different times throughout the evening:

on saturday morning everyone hit up the eugene farmer's market, with blocks & blocks of white tents that you can wind your way through to look at homemade trinkets, soap, random paintings & artwork, tie-dyed whity-tighteys, & more. the farmer's market always yields some wonderful sightings of the, uh, colorful local people eugene has to offer. but also gorgeous produce:

i put this one below on instagram & titled it "farmer's market solemnity":

tie-dyed errrr'thang:

after the farmer's market everyone stopped at voodoo doughnuts, the famous home of crazy-flavored doughnuts like maple bacon, chocolate doughnuts with froot loops or rice krispies on top, & so much more. ben & i were laughing at the blue sign in the below picture. the caption for this could be, "voodoo doughnuts has the best doughnuts in eugene, but they might not have the best grammar in eugene." see if you can spot what we're talking about:

but who cares about apostrophes when you have this MAPLE BACON GOODNESS:

& these, sadly, are all the pictures i have from the reunion. BUT. this blog post ain't over yet. maybe you wish it were over. but there's just one more thing. my cousin lauren interviewed everyone at the reunion & compiled a "you know you're a whipple when..." video. it includes some pretty priceless snippets of the funny traditions, sayings, & overall culture of the whipple family going all the way back to my grandpa. ben & i watched it a few times this afternoon & were just dying. give it a look:

yay for family reunions! we leave again in about a week for the hansen family reunion (ben's mom's side of the fam) in utah. & so continues our summer family reunion extravaganza!



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