Sunday, July 21, 2013

hansen family reunion.

we just returned from a weekend in coalville, utah (riiiiiight on the border of wyoming!) for the hansen family reunion (ben's mom's side of the fam). we had so much fun! the hansen family reunion happens every other year (we attended the summer of 2011) & while i was able to remember a lot of faces & names...i was also unable to remember a lot of faces & names. :) 

the events of the day were clearly exhausting for polly :)

when christian held 3 of the oldest boy nephews (elijah, jack, & brigham) at once:

yesterday afternoon a lot of us frandsens hiked to the top of the hill across from our camp. we stayed at a methodist campsite (with signs like "be a magic elf for god!" in the bathroom) & the hill we hiked up has this bright white cross at the top of it. it was pretty awesome to have a specific, inspiring, tangible destination. "hike to the cross & back," that sort of thing...though i don't think any of us said those actual words, it was the general idea. :)

here we be at the top:

our gorgeous hilly companions:

a triumphant conclusion to the hike! (documentation of another triumphantly completed hike here)

the cross:

mountaintop models. no but seriously:

& this tuna:

& of course, as always, cute babies babies babies:



these mamas hiked with babies on their backs! well done!:

& little jaccooobbbbbb:

i call these "studies of 'it too hot on dis mountain' numbers 1, 2, & 3":

& the hike back down:

such a fun weekend with the hansens. family reunions are the best. see you all in 2 years!

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