Thursday, July 25, 2013

home again, home again.

we flew to utah a few days before the hansen family reunion so we could roam around provo, wander our old haunts, visit old friends, & eat lots & lots of the provo food we've been so nostalgic for (i know what you're thinking. actually, you probably aren't thinking this, & even if you were, i wouldn't know it: "but you guys live in new york city, home of diverse & delightful food! how could you even miss the blah food of provo, utah?" the answer: we love our nyc food, but we also loved our provo food, & we miss it sometimes, & therefore wanted to go back & eat some provo food for old times' sake, gosh dang it!)

but let's start at the beginning & talk about the landmark occasion of me packing a bag that weighed 50 pounds...PERFECTLY. this, my friends, is not easy to do. it is a feat requiring great skill, great patience, & a great knowledge of weight, torque, & other general physics terms:


& of course that one time we were waiting for the bin of stuff at sec-rrrrity that contained sweet benjamin's shoes:

so the very first thing we did after flying into town was a stop at in n' out well near midnight. i don't have any visual documentation of this trip, but i can tell you it went a little something like this.

the next morning we had a little something called a DATE WITH KNEADER'S BOTTOMLESS FRENCH TOAST (or should i say "ALL YOU C  N EAT FRENCH TOAST), whose several pounds of fat added to our bodies was worth its weight in gold:

we walked around campus & stopped by byu's latest construction site restaurant "the wall" to not only hang out with our friend cosmo but cross our legs exactly like he does:

we bought the holiest of artifacts, byu chocolate milk (which deserves a hexagon, don't you think??):

later on that afternoon my sister hannah & ben's brother christian so graciously accompanied us as we all stuffed our faces at j dawgs:

it is really, really hard to find good horchata in nyc, surprisingly, & so when we finally reached horchata mecca (ie provo) we bought it in the biggest size cups we could find (take that bloomberg! hi-YA!) & had an (a?) horchata party:

the next day, or thereabouts, we had a mini whipple reunion of sorts at brick oven:

(& here is essentially the same picture with a few slight differences:)

we caught a flick at the dollar theater which, contrary to popular opinion, is not as blurry as it appears in this ill-advised iphone photo:

one of the mornings/afternoons i met up with my constant, eternal companion (well, ONE of them, ha) jacquie (you might recognize her as one of my bridesmaids, as well!) for lunch & LOTS of chit chat & general catching up. 

thursday evening we drove down to gunnison, which is in central utah, to visit ben's sweet grandparents. they are both in their mid-90's & still so sharp & witty. I LOVE THEM & wish i had gotten a picture of them. but i did snap a picture of the members of an elk farm when ben's dad took us on a driving tour of gunnison valley:

check out their ANTLERS! they were breathtaking:

it was, i believe, friday morning that ben surprised hannah & i with fresh einstein bagels (& gobs of schmear, duh!) because ben himself is, in fact, an einstein smarty as well. 

another fun thing we did in provo was visit my brother jared & (his fiancee!) breanna. it was the first time ben had met her, & he was the only member of our immediate family whom she had not met yet, so it was, one could say, a meeting of the titans. breanna lives in this really awesome old house that is owned by her roommate's (or a former roommate's?) grandma. the house is just so, so classically olden day, we're talking 1950s, 60s (that's olden day now, right?? :) & we had such a great time taking the grand tour. i should have taken more pictures of the awesome knick-knacks, but for now these will have to do:

this singer sewing machine (that's attached directly to the table! the wallpaper behind isn't bad either):

these oh-so-retro lights in the front sitting room:

on the final day (the morning before we flew to vancouver, canada, stories of which are for other blog posts at other times) we had lunch with ben's brothers abe & christian &, among other topics of discussion, i marveled at how much ben & his brothers (& all of the frandsen siblings, if i'm being honest) really do look alike. (i come from a family where none of us, or at least very few of us [including the parental units], look like each other, so the strength of the frandsen genes are really quite fascinating to me):

whoa. have we come to the end of this post already? were those really all the pictures i had from our few days in provo? lame! oh well. a quick ending will leave you wanting more, right?.....maybe? :)

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