Monday, July 1, 2013

imaginary karaoke.

a few months ago i watched 500 days of summer (the movie which made me dislike zooey deschanel even more, until she & him [who(m) i'm going to see next week!] and new girl came along & changed my mind slightly), & that part where joseph gordon-levitt sings karaoke got me thinking about a really funny & yes, ridiculous & silly blog forward a few months, & here i am finally writing that blog post.

so imagine you're out karaoke-ing (?) with your significant other or a good friend or whomever, & it's suddenly his or her turn to go up & sing in front of everybody. the crowd grows silent as your person picks up the mic. the music swells. in your wildest dreams, what song do you wish he or she would start crooning perfectly?

i came up with a few ideas of what i wish young benjamin frandsen would sing:

1. "she's like the wind." i mean, this song is just soaked with sauce on so many levels. it's from dirty dancing. it's sung by patrick swayze. that background music. this song could not be more perfect for ben to sing.

2. "99 luftballons." oh man. whenever i hear the stark opening to this song & then her voice suddenly shine out of the's great. ben's german is superb, & he already knows a lot of this song because he would play it for his students when he taught german, &...oh, don't you see what i'm saying??! ben was BORN to sing this song!!

3. "boyfriend." because yeah, lately you wanna kinda give justin bieber a noogie to muss up his hair a bit, or detach his thumbs from the rest of his body so he'd stop doing things like tweeting & instagramming & donning hats too easily, but can't you imagine the pricelessness of ben pseudo-rapping to "boyfriend"? it would be too, too rich, i mean, i can't even.

4. "total eclipse of the heart." maybe this could be a duet, only if i could sing the guy part & give ben the big solo stuff. but let's be honest, this song would be amazing sung by anyone karaoke-style. i've sung it during karaoke & it was life-changing, to say the very least.

this blog post is all very silly, but it's an important question to consider! WHAT WOULD YOU WANT YOUR PERSON TO SING DURING KARAOKE NIGHT??


  1. Oh, this is a fabulous question. I think I'd want a Christmas karaoke party, and it would definitely be "All I Want for Christmas Is You" :). I've actually thought this before :).

  2. great choice! "all i want for christmas is you" is a blast & you can't help but burst out singing when you hear it. we should do a christmas karaoke party if we've ever during the holidays :):)



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