Wednesday, July 10, 2013

mr. darcy & austenland.

okay, so two great things about pride and prejudice that need to be discussed.

important item number one: there is a huge, wet, 12 foot fiberglass colin-firth-as-mr.-darcy statue rising majestically out of serpentine lake in london's hyde park ("like a sexy-a@# loch ness monster," e! online writes. bahaha). it's part public art, part advertising, as the statue is to promote the u.k.'s new tv channel Drama.

photo from here

what do you think of it?? creepy? funny? i'm finding it lots of BOTH. only the british (i say that like i know, or something)

read about this dripping, clingy-shirted creation here or here...& check out the original, the famous, the butterfly-inducing scene in all its glory here:

eeee! i always get squiggly, cute-boy nervousness feelings when i watch this scene. i still get anxious, like, "lizzy! watch out!! but keep walking down the hill towards the lake!! mr. darcy is right there!!!!"

important item number two: have you ever heard of the book austenland? it's the story of a modern-day girl (these books always have modern-day girls, you see, & this one happens to be felicity, which looks like it could be a good thing) who takes a trip to a completely immersive, jane austen-themed manion...perhaps in search of her own mr. darcy?? anyway, here's the trailer:

it looks so cute, & two words: JANE. SEYMOUR.

i believe this particular flick comes out in august, & i must say i'm pretty excited about it. 

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