Friday, July 26, 2013

vancouver part 1: with the parental units.

after a week in provo-ing & hansen family reunion-ing, ben & i flew to vancouver to begin ben's long-A, month-long experiment at the TRIUMF facility at the university of british columbia. an important aside is that actually while ben flew to vancouver, i flew to seattle because it was cheaper (which is especially convenient because that's where my parents live, & they can pick me up from the airport, i can sleep in my old bed, etc.). my parents made a trip out of driving me up to vancouver, staying in a hotel overnight & going on all sorts of adventures with us.

on the drive up to vancouver we stopped at this cute little ice cream shop in a barn in lynden, washington. one of my parents' friends had recommended it to us, & not only were the ice cream scoops large & divine, but pretty inexpensive as well. this combination, i submit, is unbeatable:

once in vancouver, we were able to stop at some absolutely beautiful vantage points. we were staying in a part of vancouver that rests nicely right next to the ocean so that from anywhere you are you can walk to the left about 10 minutes, tops, & you're met by this sight:

we brought bikes, which was the best idea ever, & as the sun went down we rode along the beach. however, here i want to switch the focus to BIKE HELMETS which, while extremely safe & necessary, have a 100%, no exceptions rule of being pretty dang saucy (even on someone as cute as my husband, haha):

*a funny side note: this white shirt ben is wearing in the photos mine! long story short, ben could only take his carry on on his flight (i took his other, bigger bag with me) & therefore he was kinda out of clothes for like a day, but somehow this shirt of mine got randomly packed in his carry on, which was a good thing because he was then able to wear it. i had bought this shirt in the men's department at h&m, a size larger than i normally wear, so things just worked themselves out magically.

more cycling hilarity:

(i jogged while the other 3 biked, hence my helmetless-ness in the photo below)

the next morning ben gave us a tour of the facility where ben has been faithfully experimenting with muons, superconductors, & other fascinating stuff. we sneaked a peek into the control room of the cyclotron, which is the big scientific device that helps all sorts of experiments happen. & i don't know about you, but this control room is looking pretttttyyyyy science that i think about it, the word "cyclotron" sounds pretty science fiction-y as well. 

another science fiction-y thing that occurred during the tour? we were able to stand on top of the cyclotron (separated by 40 feet of concrete, ha) which is a highly magnetized device, & watch lots of little items go crazy. exhibit a & b: these paper clips that were able to stand straight up on our fingers & on the table top. 

moral of the story, of course, is that magnetized paper clips atop cyclotrons provide hours & hours of fun (these paper clips below acting especially smooth criminal-ish)

i also appreciated these "TRIVIA !!" signs scattered about (or should i say "a-boot," seeing as we are in canada after all?) the facility. 

later on that day we biked through stanley park, which is kind of like the central park of vancouver except hundreds of times larger, more lush, more green, & more seaside-y, & i'm beginning to wish i had not made the comparison to central park after all (i mean, don't get me wrong, i love CP, but maybe i'm just west-coast biased). this was a great time. 

we rode past this famous hollow tree (& MORE HELMETS, & notice their natural proclivity to tilt at jaunty angles after you've been biking especially strenuously):

& the computer is making the footage i took on my phone this cool, GIF-like thing, & i don't know how it's doing that because it's never done that before so i'm just going to go with is (perhaps because of the mysterious power of the canadian internets...?)

we really enjoyed this green bridge in the distance:

& the beautiful view...

my parents with their favorite daughter (ha! seeeee yaaaaa hannah):

in case you were wondering, there are a lot of images of canadian mounties, dudley-do-right caricatures (now that i think about it, was the dudley-do-right bit slightly racist/a subtle poke at canadians? or am i just being over-sensitive?), canadian wildlife, & other feel-gooderies that evoke that canadian spirit. such as this:

(i kind of wanted to take this moose home with me. how would nyc receive him, do you think?)

towards the end of our biking day my mom's bike came down with a serious case of flat-ness, which we all laughed about & then went to grab a little mexican (food).

(you can see the bike's poor tube tied around my mom's seat bar thing, which had my dad's handiwork written ALL OVER IT, ha)

such a fun time. thanks for coming mother & father!


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