Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a night at the u.s. open.

we completely missed the memo on the u.s. open the last two years. it's one of those sporting events we had always heard about, & then we moved to nyc & saw u.s. open photos show up on the instagramz & facebookz of city friendz & we suddenly realized, "wait, the u.s. open happens here??" well, to answer your question, it does happen here - in flushing, queens, to be more specific. this year we decided we absolutely & unequivocally would not miss the party, & so i hopped on the onlines & got us some tickets. it's kind of a ways out there - well, about 40 minutes i'd say - & mets stadium is also that same subway stop, so the train ride out there was packed &, like, 120 degrees, to say the least...but ultimately worth it! ultimately worth it.

{cardigan is gap, dress is cynthia rowley, shoes are superga!)

our walk post-subway, pre-entering the stadium, kind of along a nice boardwalk-y area (we went to arthur ashe stadium, the largest tennis stadium IN THE WORLD! cool, right?)

once inside the u.s. open complex, there's this entire little village with multiple small stadiums, restaurants, stores, large electronic score boards, tournament brackets on the side of a building, large screens of all matches happening at the time, information booths, & practice courts. it was all quite bustling & fun to look at/people watch (a subject in which i have a bachelor of arts degree).

we tried to sneak into a shot so we could make an appearance on espn:

the practice courts:

so, i just randomly bought tickets - that is, the tickets did not indicate who would be playing, they only indicated time & location - but we ended up watching the number 1 ranked men's player in the world! novak djokovic, to be exact, & he was so fun to watch. we had such a great time, & wouldn't you believe it? tennis matches really are completely silent most of the time, with only small applause after each point. it was the quietest sporting event we've ever been to. i could have yelled out, "djokovic! you're quite attractive!" & the ENTIRE STADIUM - & remember this is the largest tennis venue in the world - would have heard me, & the "quite attractive! quite attractive! quite attractive!" would have echoed about the walls for a while. & djokovic won! he gave an interview afterwards & was totally cute. he's from serbia & his halting english + sense of humor just melted the hearts of the general populace.

we also had a great time trying to remember the scoring of tennis with all its points within games, having to win a certain amount of sets, "love," "deuce," & the fascinating, hilarious enigma that is...the ball boys, who were often almost as entertaining to watch as the actual match itself.

djokovic (often called "the djoker," my brother informs me) below in red:

photos in between matches (or points or games, or what have you):

gosh. night games & other sporting events under the lights beat all, i say, THEY BEAT ALL.

we asked this nice lady to take our photo for us & she said, "okay! but i have to warn you, my kids say i take shaky pictures":

our subway ride home was filled listening to slightly drunk mets fans discussing why the architecture/feng shui of citi field is better than yankees stadium because, and i quote, "when you walk into yankees stadium there's just this HUGE WALL. that really sends a message." deep! good night.

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