Thursday, August 22, 2013

a sunny walk in the village.

it was such a beautiful day today! 

ben comes home the day after tomorrow (FINALLY! he stayed behind in vancouver to continue his research while i came home to go to girls camp & other things - it's been about two & a half weeks since i've seen that ocean-eyed punk & i'm going crazy over here) & i decided to take advantage of the amazing weather & go on one of those adventures that you kinda make up as you go along. 

i headed down to greenwich village which, by the way, is just so, so dreamy to me. i worked down in that area for about a year & got to know my way around pretty well. in my heart of hearts that is the place i would live in in nyc if we had unlimited amounts of money, but since we don't have unlimited amounts of money i mostly keep that bit of information a secret.

but before the village, let's talk about this house at the end of our street, this little cute shorty tucked in between its tall neighbors. this is the direction we walk to get to the subway, so we see this little cutie pretty much every day.

another house on the corner of our street with some intense scaffolding going on. i'm in love with its curved shape!:

a lovely entryway on our street:

a lovely window on our street:

& on to the ever-colorful, the ever-energetic, the village!

"improving, non-stop"/"sh*ts." thanks for that one, manhattan:

oh you know, just a little piece of hogwarts on the corner of waverly (!):

lots of things there are stylish, like these bikes (except for that plastic bag, maybe?):

just, this exteeeerrior!!!

i mean, this cobblestone!:


"a salt & battery"! well done:

i'd pick that flowery white & teal clocky in the bottom left quadrant:

adoring the curves of the roof there on the left, & just the color of all those bricks there (they were doing a ton of renovation in that place on the very right. can you spot the wood entryway they put in front of the real door?):

ugh, these green juices. how do you feel about them?? have you ever had? you'll find a juice place practically on every corner here (that's maybe a slight exaggeration). i'm on the fence about them until i remember there are so many fruits & veggies packed into one drink that it's just so easy peasy to get your daily serving of them in a few sips. just ignore that $10.99 price tag you see there in the corner. welcome to new york city!

a tiny park tucked behind perry street:

this arrrrrchway above the bench!

c.o. bigelow's is the oldest pharmacy in the united states. it's eclectic & charming & a favorite nyc spot for me:

well, that looks like all the photos i have. greenwich village i love you, but your soaring apartment prices are bringing me down! until next time, over & out.



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