Sunday, August 25, 2013

benny's back! tell your friends!

benny boy made his triumphant return from vancouvah on friday morning & it's been pretty much party party party ever since. well - mostly. there was some unpacking there for a while, general business to take care of after being gone for almost 5 weeks, & a bit of catching up on sleep because a certain physicist took the red-eye flight back (& this is a triumph - ben hates naps but he somehow managed to take a few since being back?!).  i am SO happy he's back. just look at how happy i am:

that night we ate at flor de mayo, which is a restaurant i've been noticing a lot lately because of the zagat stickers dating back to 2003 plastering its front door. anyway, we discovered flor de mayo's menu features a complex, intricate pastiche of peruvian, chinese, & mexican food...& it won. it all won.

spot us in that mirror we were sitting across from??:

ben ordered their peruvian chicken & it was so. much. FOOD. i ordered this huge noodle dish & we ate our meals at about the same place, & when i finished all up, ben still had this much food left:

& he ate it all!! every last bit. welcome home indeed, benny boy.

saturday morning we rode the A train all the way out to beach with some friends. the rockaways were hit pretty hard by hurricane (superstorm?) sandy. our church was pretty involved in the cleanup out there for a while, & our friend made a wonderful video of the cleanup effort (a video where ben makes several appearances!). anyway, these days the rockaways are looking clean & bright & beautiful, & there was just fantastic weather there on saturday. we tried out rockaway taco, a tiny place a few blocks from the beach, & it completely lived up to everything we heard about it. they were the best tacos i've had in the city! i'm still dreaming about those fish tacos. :) 

fish tacos & pineapple mint lemonade:

that night we ran, not walked, up to amy ruth's in harlem (with the same friends from the beach! the 6 of us spent a combined total of about 12 hours together on saturday, ha) for chicken & waffles! oh man oh man. ever since the last time we ate at amy ruth's i had been thinking it was high time we went back, & all of it, all of it, was even better the second time around. drizzled with syrup every few minutes? the best

this bottle of syrup became my kindred spirit that night:

so, wow, there you go. lots of eating, lots of fun, & mostly, LOTS OF BEN BEING BACK!

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