Sunday, August 18, 2013

for your consideration: "oblivion" soundtrack.

hello! i'm here. i'm back! i was in upstate new york this entire week on a camping trip with the 12-18 year old girls & various other adults in my church. it was all pretty enjoyable, minus the actual camping element of it all :) no, i'm mostly kidding. it was actually quite fascinating to experience a girls camp in this area, as an adult (a severely questionable label when it is used to describe yours truly) after attending a very different sort of girls camp growing up on the west coast when i was a teenager myself. ask me about it all sometime :) i had a fun time, & now that it's over (we returned yesterday afternoon) i'm still coasting on the wave of immense personal satisfaction i feel after roughing it for a week. 

when we were in provo about a month ago now, we saw the movie "oblivion" in the dollar theater with some of my siblings. while the plot of the movie itself is as twisted as the hook-up plots of grey's anatomy, & tom cruise is just, you know, being tom cruise, i left with the distinct feeling that the music was really awesome.

i went home, did some research, & discovered M83 are the geniuses behind the "oblivion" soundtrack (or "score," if we're being specific). of COURSE they would be - they're quite awesome. anyway, this song below is a small sampling of the electronic-y, almost 80's vibe of the movie's music. i first heard this song & was just like, "YES. THIS is it." it was a pretty transcendental moment for me. give it a listen, & then check out the rest of the score sometime, maybe?

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