Thursday, September 26, 2013

a trip to barton orchards.

a few weekends ago a group of us rented a 15-passenger van & drove about two hours outside of the city to visit barton orchards. it was a first-time visit for ben & me, & we loved it. they had everything: all sorts of fruit & vegetable picking, live music, a haunted house, corn maze, photo opportunities, fried food, & on & on & on. check it out:

goats, because of this:

little oliver lending a helping hand:

ben & wyatt, best friends for the day (which, yes, i'm aware there is a person out there who is these names combined, that is, "ben wyatt" from parks & recreation):

we became obsessed with these apple cider doughnuts (donuts?) faster than you can say bob's your uncle:

our smiles kind of looked like this halved donut:

the apple cider donuts came in cinnamon, plain, & powdered - as a group we ordered all three & they disappeared in a snap. later, ben & i ordered a sixer for just the two of us:

wonderful fall foliage & a sign telling us where to go:

raspberry picking is pretty fun. it takes a certain touch, to pick them firmly enough to get them off their little vine or whatever it is, yet pick them delicately enough not to smash them:

slowly but surely we filled this up, fellas, slowly but surely:

casualties of a powdered donut war:

little oliver helping, part 2:

rows & rows of raspberries:

"don't get CORN-victed," oh barton orchards, how you slay me!

corn maze shenanigans (a secret and perhaps unexpected fact: corn mazes are a great place for great chats, randomly. perhaps all those crowded stalks encourage closeness?):

ladies & gentlemen, ben's hair flowing in the wind:

unsurprisingly, our mustachioed ben acted as trusty navigator for a good portion of the time:

pictures of pictures volume 1:

pictures of pictures volume 2:

little baby corn growing from the body of its mother corn...!!! (very alien [i'd post a link to a stomach-bursting scene here but...too gruesome. too gruesome.])

a view of the maze from above:

luckily, we made it out of the corn maze alive to tell the tale (plus i just thought my face looked funny in this one):

love that sassy adrienne:

behold, ye apple orchards:

ben & wyatt being hilarious best friends for the day, if you'll remember:

the orchard grows a ton of different types of apples. gala, macoun, granny smith, & on & on. we would walk from type to type & pick a few from each, so by the end we had a huge (i mean, HUGE, look at the pictures below) bag full of thousands of different types of apples. the "thousands" might be a slight exaggeration. most of the apps were perfectly sweet, with just the right amount of tart & so fun to bite into right off the tree. it all felt so organic!:

i mean thhiissss guyyyyy;

at the entrance to the play area we waited at while some of the younger kids went in to jump on the bouncy castle, etc (this was the sad time where ben & wyatt had to be apart for a sad period of time :)

a bag full of apple cider donuts, please & thank you very much.

barton orchards! the perfect way to welcome fall.


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