Monday, September 16, 2013

fall tv: updates, updates, updates!

you guys, i'm kinda in trouble. so this summer happened, right? i wasn't working, my graduate program doesn't offer classes during the summer so i didn't have school, & all these other things, so i just had a lot of time! a lot of time to watch netflix :/ of course, during the summer, it's all well & good, but then it's fall & you're totally excited for the new season of a show you just spent the last however-many weeks getting all caught up on, & then you realize....uh-oh. i am working now. i am in class. i do have homework. when am i going to have time to watch this large handful of shows i've suddenly found myself in the middle of?

it's totally, i mean, a #firstworldproblem, but also a pretty funny predicament. hopefully i'll get it all figured out. in the meantime! what shows are you watching? let's take 5 seconds to talk tv, & i'm apologizing profusely in advance:

1. catch up on what's going to happen in season 2 of the mindy project by reading about the last five minutes of season 1's finale, & how one writer thinks they've finally got it just right by working out all  of the freshman season kinks.

2. have you been watching homeland? we cannot WAIT for the new season. here are 7 possible theories to explain just what the heck is going on with that whole situation (& who we can maybe, possibly think about perhaps trusting! *the answer? kind of no one*) & the season 3 trailer to end all trailers (click on "watch the official season 3 trailer" on the left, under the "pledge allegiance" tag).

3. what about revenge? remind yourself where things left off last season for our dramatic hamptonites, & some things to look forward to in the (hopefully!) revamped season 3.

4. or nashville. oh, nashville, such southern soapy goodness & fun. here's one critic's recap of last season, what she loved, didn't love, & what she hopes will come in this new season. kinda fun to read.

5. you want honesty? i could bare my testimony about parks & recreation - non-blasphemously, of course. i love it that much. i would tell anybody & everybody to watch that show (maybe you've heard this from me before). every episode feels like its own precious gem...& it's starting up again soon! & i've got four words for you: ron swanson in london. want to learn more??

6. scandal! scandal. this show. so many feels. here's what's going on: kerry washington is olivia pope (which, i love that name, i feel like it just flows so well), this super-qualified, intense, sassy d.c. "fixer" who helps iron out scandals, big stories, & embarrassing things politicians don't want the public to know about. she & the president of the united states fall completely in love, & then it's rough because, you're like, you want them to get together & you want everything to work for them, but wait...! he's married. very unhappily married, but still married. if you have 2 minutes, check out my absolutely favorite scene of the two of them together & it's like, how can you not root for them?! so conflicting. the way he suddenly roars "i belong to you!"

happy viewing!

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  1. The whole watching a show all summer and then wondering what I would do come fall has haunted me so many summers now. Since we are cableless we always do Hulu and the shows that they don't offer (shakes fist at CBS) we decide we will catch up on the following summer when it's on Hulu.

    Or now we just download them all because we are in China and they don't care about copyright nonsense here :)



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