Sunday, September 15, 2013

ghost of sunday outfits past & present.

so we indeed took a bit of time after church last sunday to take some outfit photos, & then the week happened, work happened (i'm nannying now! i'm a full-time nanny. never thought i'd see the day when i would be a nanny in new york city yet alas, the day hath arrived. here's a surprise: i'm enjoying it!), class(es) happened, & before i knew it here we were at another sunday (that is, today) with absolutely no documentation of last sunday, at all!...which also goes to show how important i find outfit photos (read: not very important :/ )

but let's go ahead & look at the ghosts of sunday outfits past & present. these last two weeks have seen on me a heavy dose of mixing pattern, texture, & color, but enough about that. sunday outfit from last week:

dress: target (love it so much, i bought multiples!), horse shirt: urban outfitters, necklace: zara, belt: target, shoes: thrifted.

& this great guy (please notice he's carrying my bag & the camera bag while i snap his photo. oops! but i needed both hands free to take the picture, right??):

& the ghost of sunday outfit present (the proverbial "present" here meaning a few hours ago) in which i'm quite smiley, for some reason, standing on a MEDIAN??!:

both shirts: f21, skirt: thrifted, shoes: thrifted (same shoes as last week, you'll notice...!), necklace: target.

& a recent purchase i'm terribly excited about: this dooney & bourke leather bagggg! (i found it at a thrift store, so we'll call it "vintage")

anyone notice anything different about ben in this photo...?:

THE MUSTACHE IS GONE, I REPEAT, THE MUSTACHE IS GONE. The Occurrence happened last night, & he admits now it was a tad impulsive & he regrets it. The Occurrence really divided our ward; today at church he heard everything from "you shaved?! why??" to "oh no, the mustache is gone!!" to "i'm glad it's gone!" very divisive, that bit of hair (or lack thereof) above the upper lip of the male species, for some reason. i just asked ben about The Occurrence, & he wants the blogosphere to know the mustache will, quote, be making a return appearance, close quote. how's that for suspense?!

in conclusion: elbow pads!! because those, my friends, are one of my favorite things about the changing of the seasons.

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