Saturday, September 7, 2013

pei times: aye aye! beaches, part 2.

we continued that gray, rainy sunday in prince edward island driving all the way out to east point & enjoying the delicious scenery along the way. check out a few of the things we saw & did (& took photos of, OBVIOUSLY!) along the way:

imagine driving along the coast of pei, listening to this, & grabbing the driver's lower arm every once in a while to say "pull over!", subsequently pulling over to the side of the road, hopping out real fast & snapping a few good ones while enjoying the ever-so-lightest spritz of drizzle on your cheeks. are you imagining it?:

lighthouses always exude a certain charm, don't they? this white-y was waiting for us at east point:

this caption, though: "where the sun rises & the tides meet." if that doesn't sound like something anne shirley would say, i don't know what would:

east point! the place where the fog makes the horizon dissolve into a blur & you know that nothing is really out there for miles & miles except ocean until, like, europe or greenland. it's cool but also a little creepy, right?? some stephen king monster could totally materialize out of that fog.

we were laughing at this sign below that was posted out of the frame of the photo above, warning people not to stand too close to the cliffs. it's so like, "whoa, whoa, whoooaaaaa!"

not sure if you can read this sign that well: "end of the world is here." those humorous islanders.

we came across this tiny fishing area (i'm not quite sure what to call was way too small to be a "town." maybe a hamlet? a boardwalk?) with small fishing shacks, a tackle shop or two, a lobster restaurant, &, lucky for us all, delightful little details. we pulled over to take a quick look around, & it was the real deal, you guys. a few grizzled fishermen, locals eating lobster, that looming stillness & silence one feels around the ocean...all of it.

a few of the signs & other nice bits from said fishing boardwalk:

i think it would be a nice dream to one day own a small store called "salty seas." what do you think would be sold there? i'm thinking thick wool sweaters & socks, heavy, native-american style blankets, hardcover books, & old records...& it would probably go out of business quickly, because wonderful places like that always do. 

whoa, what a downer! here's an interview with a young jonathan crombie for a final pick-me-up :)

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