Tuesday, September 3, 2013

pei times: the beaches & the dunes.

we woke up to day 2 on prince edward island full of gray skies, on-&-off drizzles, & cooler temperatures - which means THIS seattle girl was in heaven! we took a morning drive out, out, out to the very easternmost point of the island, stopping at beaches & views & generally anything pretty along the way...which means we stopped about every 5 minutes. no but really, we eventually had to say, "OKAY. no more stopping until we reach east point!" because there was other stuff we wanted to do that day & the drive was taking a while. :) but check out these gorgeous photos & you'll know why we wanted to stop so often!...hopefully?

 a lot of the places we stopped at had the sand dunes roped off. the prince edwardians (??? haha. "residents of prince edward island"?? what does one call those lovely, lucky people who call p.e.i. home?) seem to love many things, foremost of which are anne shirley, lucy maud montgomery, & their sand dunes - all of which makes a lot of sense. anyway, prince edwardians (i'm-a just gonna call them that because i like it :) are pretty protective of their sand dunes, preventing foot traffic from wearing them down or rumpling their beauty. one's instinct (namely MINE, sorry) is to start at the top of the dunes, looking out over the water like anne did with diana that one time in the movie, then run down them towards the water like they did next, with the music flourishing in the background & whatnot, but i actually appreciate this preservation much, much more. you can read more about sand dune stabilization HERE (if you trust wikipedia pages, that is).


cold, cold water, but what else can you expect on a gray day in canadia?!

something about homeboy is he is a stone skipper, that one. the funny thing is, whenever we're walking near a body of water & skippable stones together, he won't make a fuss about it, he'll just quietly go over, start running his hands over stones looking for the perfect one, still talking with me, & when he finds that choice stone he'll go & he'll skip it, then come back & walk next to me until he feels restless next to that body of water again, & then he'll go & start the same process all over again. although i feel this block of text is pretty boring, it's actually pretty cute when it happens in person.

behold the skippage!

we walked past this couple around our age & asked if they could snap a photo of us real quick. the guy (who was wearing a backwards newsboy cap, i feel i should mention) said, "okay! i don't know very much about cameras, but i can try." anyway, he took the photo & we said "thank you" & continued on our way, only to turn back about 5 minutes later to see he whipped out one of those intense, clunky cameras with a million appendages & was doing this whole photoshoot with his girlfriend or lady friend or whoever she was! she was doing a series of yoga poses, like on the beach in the sand in front of the water & whatnot, & he was snapping away like he owned the joint. it was...interesting.

said infamous photo:

this vieeeewwwww:

my very own personal gilbert blythe (i have a million nicknames for benny boy & yes, "mr. blythe" happily joined the list this weekend. well...met with happiness on my end, tolerance on his) & can i tell you one more story about benjamin blythe? well this guy, so we brought mini carrots on this car trip & we had only eaten a few (because we needed to save some food for, i don't know, THE THIRTEEN HOUR DRIVE HOME) at one point in the grey day he said, "let's pull out the carrots, in honor of anne." he gets it, you guys. he GETS it. my work here is done. *drops mic*

stay tuned for a few more p.e.i. posts!


  1. obsessed with every post.
    lol the man who said he "didn't know" how to use cameras...crack up!
    he GETS it. wow that takes some work.
    I said "andrew, would you ever take me to P.E.I? he said no, probably not."
    I said, "yeah, I mean... I guess... what husband would..oh wait BEN, wow I guess he really IS perfect." lol



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