Sunday, September 8, 2013

pei times: can you handle the gorgeousness? but really. i'm not sure you'll be able to stand the complete & utter gorgeous of these photos from prince edward island. i can hardly stand it all. are you getting sick of my pei posts?? hopefully that can be rethought after taking a gander at these beauties:

the clouds:

the perfect-shade-of-blue blue sky:

the sun-dappled old churches (of which there were hundreds on the island):

the quaint cemeteries (that were pretty much as numerous as the churches. also, i guess cemeteries can be quaint now??), often with just about 10 gravestones in the entire yard:

the fields, the fields!:

the shades of green:

the little lakes & ponds peeking through the trees (& that red barn there, for good measure):

the reflection of the sky in the water:

can you hear the wind blowing?:

another white church, different than the church already featured in this post:

we never really saw any actual neighborhoods. there are not enough homes clustered close enough together anywhere to make anything even resembling a neighborhood. we did pass through a place that had an official road sign reading "5 houses," & - you guessed it - we then passed five houses all in a row, & then it was back to fields. the fact that that many houses were that close together warranted it being its own little neighborhood! love!:

i die for these colored houses in the french river fishing village (& don't you love that, like, 15 houses constitutes a village?!):

more from the french river fishing village:

see the colored houses in the background? let's move there!

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