Sunday, September 1, 2013

pei times: green gables.

we made it to prince edward island safe & sound! we drove in late last night & are staying at a little hotel near brackley beach. today could not have been more perfect in so, so many ways - many of which i'll share with you on your 7th favorite blog here. we woke up this morning with our first stop on the itinerary clear in our heads: green gables! today was a sunny, gorgeous day. pei is really quiet, slow-moving, & calm - it's called "the gentle island," & for very good reason. the island kind of set for us a beautiful, slow pace...& it has been so refreshing!

green gables set that mood for us instantly. once there, we could imagine why anne of green gables author l.m. montgomery wanted to recreate, in a sense, the idyllic childhood she had visiting her extended family at green gables. even in this day of automobiles, technology, & whatnot, green gables was quiet enough that we could hear the breeze rustling things around & our feet scuffling the grass as we walked. there were tiny brooks, walkways through the woods, little clumps of trees & hills nearby - so easy to imagine this place feeding the imagination of a young anne shirley & later acting as the setting to her walks with diana barry or - dare i say - her chum gilbert blythe??

anyway. basically what i'm trying to say is green gables is the best & we loved it. on to some photos:

sweet ben buying our admission tickets:

lucy maud montgomery & her delightful red-haired creation in the visitors center:

me & anne, great friends:

these hats with the braids are everywhere. anyone want one? we can buy it for you. haha:

without a doubt one of the best parts of green gables was the raspberry cordial sold in the butter churn cafe. it was tangy, & sweet, & fizzy (or "spicy," as i called carbonation when i was young) & if currant wine is even half as good as this cordial was, i can actually see why homegirl diana drank tons & tons. haha:

drinking raspberry cordial on the porch of green gables? LIFE. COMPLETE.:

do you remember the whole thing with the raspberry cordial was that anne served it at her tea party with diana, who loved it & drank a ton, & they all found out later it was actually marilla's famous currant wine & diana left the tea party drunk?

...pretending (kind of) to be drunk in this photo on the right:

me: "ben, pretend to be drunk drinking the raspberry cordial that's actually currant wine." which yielded this gem-like photo:

but what am i thinking?! without further ado, GREEN GABLES:

the outside of the house had lots of lovely little details, from green shutters (give me a good pair of colorful shutters & i'm set) to ivy climbing up the white walls & white picket fences.

this stack of wood was particularly nice:

we were able to take a quick tour through the inside of green gables, which was full of pieces straight out of the late 1800s & included details taken directly from the books. kinda fun:

anne's room:

the guest room:

marilla's room:

an image you can never unsee :)

(ben says he was quote worried about putting something on his head thousands of others had put on their heads close quote. i hear ya, i hear ya)

green gables has a gorgeous backyard, with a large garden & steps leading down to a large grassy field & the haunted wood, which was actually really nice...during the day!!! mwahaha! more on the haunted wood in another post soon.

some very important frolicking & general celebration of life & birthdays happened in the field behind green gables:


confession: we loved the one bottle of raspberry cordial we shared so much...that we bought another bottle on the way out! (you could also buy them in packs of 4 but we drew the line at 2. i asked the people if these 4-packs could be shipped to places in the states, because i'm thinking to myself, "i've got a mom & a mother-in-law who'd love this stuff, i've got a sister & several sister-in-laws [sisters-in-law?] that would love this stuff...!" but they said NO. no deliveries. although i feel like i might have to do a little more snooping around the interwebs before i let this one rest.) anyway, two bottles of cordial for ben & the striped one, modern day diana barrys:

green gables! we loved you!



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