Sunday, September 1, 2013

pei times: lovers lane & the haunted wood.

   "The way Anne and Diana went to school was a pretty one. Anne thought those walks to and from school with Diana couldn't be improved upon even by imagination. Going around by the main road would have been so unromantic; but to go by Lover's Lane and Willowmere and Violet Vale and the Birch Path was romantic, if ever anything was.
   Lover's Lane opened out below the orchard at Green Gables and stretched far up into the woods to the end of the Cuthbert farm. It was the way by which the cows were taken to the back pasture and the wood hauled home in winter. Anne had named it Lover's Lane before she had been a month at Green Gables.
   Not that lovers ever really walk there," she explained to Marilla, "but Diana and I are reading a perfectly magnificent book and there's a Lover's Lane in it. So we want to have one, too. And it's a very pretty name, don't you think? So romantic! We can't imagine the lovers into it, you know. I like that lane because you can think out loud there without people calling you crazy."

just down the hill from green gables is lovers lane, which as you can see from the anne of green gables excerpt above, exists both in l.m montgomery's fantastic world and real life.

as expected, walking through lovers lane with my actual lover was dreamy, the area was beautiful, we could completely imagine diana & anne walking through there telling each other their made up stories about fairyland, or anne walking through by herself thinking & talking out loud, etc. etc. all good things, all perfect.

let's talk about this tiny stream through lovers lane & how tiny, twinkling bodies of water just get to me:

thanks to the nice australian gentleman who snapped this photo:

kind of around on the other end of green gables, in the backyard, is the haunted wood. 

   "I can't go through the Haunted Wood, Marilla," cried Anne desperately.
   Marilla stared.
   "The Haunted Wood! Are you crazy? What under the canopy is the Haunted Wood?"
   "The spruce wood over the brook," said Anne in a whisper.
   "Fiddlesticks! There is no such thing as a haunted wood anywhere. Who has been telling you such stuff?"
   "Nobody," confessed Anne. "Diana and I just imagined the wood was haunted. All the places around here are so--so--commonplace. We just got this up for our own amusement. We began it in April. A haunted wood is so very romantic, Marilla. We chose the spruce grove because it's so gloomy. Oh, we have imagined the most harrowing things. There's a white lady walks along the brook just about this time of the night and wrings her hands and utters wailing cries. She appears when there is to be a death in the family. And the ghost of a little murdered child haunts the corner up by Idlewild; it creeps up behind you and lays its cold fingers on your hand--so. Oh, Marilla, it gives me a shudder to think of it. And there's a headless man stalks up and down the path and skeletons glower at you between the boughs. Oh, Marilla, I wouldn't go through the Haunted Wood after dark now for anything. I'd be sure that white things would reach out from behind the trees and grab me."

this is the view a little ways down from the green gables backyard, & the entrance to the haunted wood! it all looked quite nice & inviting, but i suppose those dead-ish looking trees look a little foreboding, i dunno. although if you had asked me two weeks ago, when i was at girls camp for five days straight out in the woods, with tents & everything, i would have been the first to acknowledge that wooded areas get pretty do-not-tread at night.

looking pretttyyyy happy for walking through somewhere so haunted...!:

in related news, we found this quite wonderful tree that was sporting some lovely colors! lots of people had written on the tree in pen, "jim loves amy" & stuff like that, it was a little sad, but we made sure none of that writing made it into the picture. 

thank you, colorful tree! thank you, haunted wood, & lovers lane! thank you, lucy maud!

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