Monday, September 16, 2013

the cutest graduating class ever!

something that you'll see all. the. TIME. in nyc subway stations is police officers. you'll see 3-5 in a group standing by an exit, you'll see them on segways (which, FUNNY), you'll see them patrolling around with dogs...they be all over. 

back in june, the mta police had a sweet graduation ceremony at grand central terminal to welcome eight new dogs into their canine unit after the dogs & their owners completed an intense 14-week training program. 

of the relationship between the officer owner & the dog, the mta says, "each canine forms a deep emotional bond with his or her police partner. each pair not only works together for life, but they live together as well." i just can't handle the cuteness of that. i'm blinking back tears as i'm writing this! isn't that so sweet?

each dog is named after a law enforcement or armed forces member who has passed away. relatives of the deceased attended the ceremony & were able to meet the canine named after their loved one. it's all just so sweet. & the best part? the BEST PART is the pictures of all the hard-working four-legged graduates:

you've got the stalwart:

the smiley:

the heavyset (it's okay. in my high school spanish class when we were learning "fat" & "skinny," the "skinny" pictures in the textbook featured a person, but the "fat"always, always showed a dog. without fail.):

the goofy:

the mta went on to say, "the pd canines are one of our most valuable resources."

read allllllll about the graduates right HERE. there's even a video, too!

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