Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bingham halloween party.

my friend kathryn is great. when she does something, she goes all out, 100%, & makes it just the coolest. that's why, when we were invited to her halloween party, i knew it would be spectacular & spooky & usher in the perfect halloween mood (which we really needed, because let's be honest: around here, sometimes we're just a little too tied up in other responsibilities to even notice things like halloween. we have to try hard not to let fun holidays slip right through our fingers with barely a thought, & most of the time they still do anyways. it's a bit of a bummer. so anything to get us to stop, look up from our homework, & appreciate, well, life outside of work & research & blah blah blah, is a very good thing).

i brought the camera to the party hoping to snap some really wonderful images of the evening, & then got so caught up in chatting with friends & eating that right before we walked out the door i remembered that no, i hadn't taken any pictures! so in about a minute while we put on coats & shoes (officially coat season here in nyc! it's about time, i say), here are the paltry pictures i took:

this photo ended up blurry, which is a sad day, but i couldn't leave this photo out because these little merengue ghost guys were precious. you can see them a bit clearer in the picture above:

isn't this pop-up graveyard cool? you can view kathryn's (much, much better) photographic treatment of it here:

oh, you know. just this spectacular halloween display chilling on their wall:

so the binghams live in this interesting apartment where, as soon as you walk in, there's this incredibly long hallway to walk down before you turn right & enter their living space. i remember when they first moved in, kathryn wondering what to do with this long, random hallway...but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, at least during halloween season, because she turned it into a sort of haunted hallway with the expansive wall space filled with creepy accoutrements. i mean, check out this corner! cobwebs, lit candles, spiders on the ground, the whole deal:

(last night i, in all seriousness, thought up the idea that for our costumes it would be great to go as werewolf bar mitzvah from 30 rock **please click on the link, i'm 92% you will not regret** [plus i'll let you figure out exactly how we were planning on dressing up like werewolf bar mitzvah. i had a plan of how we'd do it, but i just want to retain some mystery here on the bloggy blog] but we ran out of time. so while we didn't have any costumes to speak of, five minutes before the party began i did have enough foresight to throw on a few black & orange tidbits. orange tights, white & black striped dress, orange sweater, & there's an orange bow hiding in my hair there somewhere. next year, werewolf bar mitzvah! next year.)

ghost ship! actually, i'm not sure. they might have this picture up all year round & simply covered it in cobwebs for the season. i'll have to take note the next time we're over there & report back:

skulls & lit candles, & YES, this is still in their hallway! there is SO MUCH that can fit in it! (& let me just say, gosh i love lit candles. i desperately wanted lit candles all over the place for our wedding reception, until i learned that open flames straight aren't allowed in church buildings. yet another reason i wish our reception could have happened somewhere other than in the gym of an lds church building, but nothing can be done about it now)

here's their hallway in its entirety. pretty great, right!

happy pre-halloween to you!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

weekend times.

how was your weekend? sunday is usually the one day a week we can sleep in a bit - so that's what we did today with a vengeance. yours truly might even have slept a bit too long & then it was suddenly a rush of mascara wands, curling irons, &, i don't know, deodorant & stuff...i don't know how, but we still managed to make it to church on time :)

in other news, we saw captain phillips last night with some friends (& ate here beforehand). that movie! is. intense! we weren't five minutes into watching it before my heart was pounding and i felt all twitchy because of how tense things were getting. 

barkhad abdi, in his first movie role, gave a striking performance as the captain of the somalians & i'm glad he's getting some attention. what made everything even more amazing is the fact that we saw the movie at the recently transformed theater on 84th street, which went from being the grossest, dumpiest theater in manhattan to the place to see the latest flick on a saturday night. 

the theater has plush wide seats that fully recline (it feels like we're watching a movie in bed!) & are paired in two so you can hike up that arm rest for a good cuddle. read all about the amazingness here. so even though captain phillips had me sweating at some points, at least i was the most comfortable i've ever been in a movie theater while doing so.

well, i'll end this grab bag of a blog post with a hearty good night - that trader joe's pumpkin ice cream isn't going to eat itself!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the most famous book set in every state.

check out this awesome map that shows the most famous book set in every state. i feel really good about new york's famous book (the great gatsby) but not so hot about my home state's (twlight). but you know what? i dunno. i'm kinda over the whole twilight-bashing mindset. i feel like making fun of twilight was so 2007-2012, you know? 

anyway. have a look.

image 1, 2, 3.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

the great language game.

how well do you think you know the language of the world? could you listen to a clip of a language & know what it is, just form listening to it? well, now you can figure out just how much you know.

"the great language game" lets you listen to a fifteen or twenty second clip of a speaker & then choose which language it is. it starts out easy - but gets harder with each question! & it's completely addicting.

play it HERE!

Monday, October 7, 2013


a few saturdays ago i participated in a mudderella with some good friends from church. the mudderella was a six mile run in the forests & hills of pennsylvania, with fifteen obstacles scattered through the course. 

& it just, i mean, completely lived up to its name. army crawling in the mud, army crawling through a puddly underwater tunnel, swimming through pools of mud. also! we'd do an obstacle & just, swim in the mud, then run in the heat (it was a hot morning!) & the mud would dry & crack on our skin, & then we'd do another obstacle & that mud would layer over the dried layer of mud we already had, & so by the end we all had, like, twelve layers of mud upon mud just, everywhere. i feel pretty confident in saying it was the dirtiest i've ever been in my life. i had mud in places i didn't even know ex-IS-ted.

this is me trying to scrape any or all sorts of layers of mud already caked on my hands...trying & failing:

we were "team red pants," & buying satin-y, shiny leggings from american apparel for our matching uniforms was the best idea ever. emily (#567 right in the middle) also bought team red pants matching sparkly red headbands that we somehow all managed to keep on the entire race!...this was also a good idea.

piggybacking a teammate across a field was definitely one of the obstacles on the course. my face of concentration here...

...& my hilarious smile here:


you can see a list of the obstacles we did here, & listed below:

- army crawling through an underground tunnel (through puddles! in the dark. my claustrophobic heart still flutters fearfully at the thought)
- climbing a rope up & over a wall
- climbing up & over a wall...without a rope :)
- piggybacking each other through a field
- wheel barreling each other through a field
- army crawling under wire through the mud
- climbing over a wall of hay bales
- climbing up and over a net made of thick rope
- downward-dogging/planking position over parallel walls
- swinging from tire to tire to cross over a certain distance
- crossing over uneven logs like a balance beam
climbing over a series of mounds of mud interspersed with pools of mud

& here is an official video from mudderella that gives a really good idea of the pace & feel of what the run was like:

the theme of mudderella is "own your strong," & it's all very female bonding & women are strong sort of thing. we ran the race as a team & helped each other complete every obstacle, so there was all sorts of good crazy bonding. love my team red pants ladies.

when i first decided to do the sign up for the mudderella, i thought, "okay, i'll just do it this once, to say i've done one of these mud runs, & then i'll never have to do it again." but guess what? i. LOVED. it. it was so much much fun, that i'd do it again! i'd sign up for another one in a heartbeat.

left to right: tara, me, stephanie, emily, carolyn, margo, diane:

our very last obstacle was running & trampolining onto a cargo net, climbing it to the top, then sliding down into a pool of watery mud. we decided to wait for each other at the top of the tower & slide down holding hands & i think the pictures of this are hilarious. i'm the second one in from the right:

there was just enough water in the water : mud ratio to wipe us, eh, somewhat clean-ish:

own your strong, own your strong.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

pei times rewind: "anne and gilbert."

major rewind today here, all. so, remember how we went to prince edward island that one time, a few months ago? yeah, we're going back to that time. 

okay, so the whole pei trip was inspired by this blog post i made back in june, when i cheered the fact that a musical all about anne & gilbert exists somewhere in world. while writing the post, i asided to ben (let's use "aside" that way) how fun it would be to someday actually see "anne & gilbert" in prince edward island. enter a double speed movie-type montage of ben sneakily booking us a few nights in a pei hotel, planning the entire trip, buying tickets to "anne & gilbert," revealing the entire birthday surprise to me, two months fly by, our drive up there, & then slow it back down to normal speed as we settle into our seats at "anne & gilbert" our first evening on that beloved little island. i mean, my DREAM had come, it was like i could hardly believe we were actually there when i had JUST verbalized that dream a few months earlier, et cetera et cetera...!!

jury didn't even have to deliberate on this one, guys, "anne & gilbert" was a dream. we were expecting it to maybe be a little cheesy? & it just REALLY wasn't at all. it was so delightful & legitimate, the real deal. it all felt very, well, very prince edward island-y, if that makes sense. one of our favorite songs was "you're island through & through," where anne & gil & several other characters sing about what it means to be a prince-edward-islander. pretty great, pretty hilarious, pretty catchy (even though the "your" in the video title below is killing me):

this is another song we really loved & gave me license to burst out with "gilbert loves anne of green gaaaaables!" the rest of the weekend. also! what made everything ten times better was gilbert himself. hello! so cute. got to watch this guy singing & dancing for hours. observe:

photo from.

just bless this guy, to the moon & the starbucks down the street & back, for his patience & grace for taking me to "anne and gilbert"& sitting through it & just being a great sport about it all. 

the theater was quite small, intimate, & simple, with the seats right there a few feet away from the actors. it was a really wonderful effect, & afterwards we scampered to take a quick picture with one of the set pieces. it was only later that we realized they had already started to take it all down, & that one of the stage guys was levitating sideways, pretty close to the ground, in the background. :)

you guys, the "anne & gilbert" theater is part of this little square that's stuffed with, just, all of the anne of green gables things.

raspberry cordial wonderland:

bosom buddies?! i can't even, it's too good:

p.e.EYES for the win:

don't mind if i do, avonlea assortment:

again, buy all of the things:

after all of the green gables things we walked out to this fancy dock (& might have accidentally crashed a wedding reception that was happening a few feet away...? kidding! i mean, there actually was a reception happening a few feet away, but we didn't crash it...we think.)

pondering the intricacies of the universe, physics, & the more subtle nuances of anne shirley & gilbert blythe's romance, cutely:

you're island, you're island through & through!


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