Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bingham halloween party.

my friend kathryn is great. when she does something, she goes all out, 100%, & makes it just the coolest. that's why, when we were invited to her halloween party, i knew it would be spectacular & spooky & usher in the perfect halloween mood (which we really needed, because let's be honest: around here, sometimes we're just a little too tied up in other responsibilities to even notice things like halloween. we have to try hard not to let fun holidays slip right through our fingers with barely a thought, & most of the time they still do anyways. it's a bit of a bummer. so anything to get us to stop, look up from our homework, & appreciate, well, life outside of work & research & blah blah blah, is a very good thing).

i brought the camera to the party hoping to snap some really wonderful images of the evening, & then got so caught up in chatting with friends & eating that right before we walked out the door i remembered that no, i hadn't taken any pictures! so in about a minute while we put on coats & shoes (officially coat season here in nyc! it's about time, i say), here are the paltry pictures i took:

this photo ended up blurry, which is a sad day, but i couldn't leave this photo out because these little merengue ghost guys were precious. you can see them a bit clearer in the picture above:

isn't this pop-up graveyard cool? you can view kathryn's (much, much better) photographic treatment of it here:

oh, you know. just this spectacular halloween display chilling on their wall:

so the binghams live in this interesting apartment where, as soon as you walk in, there's this incredibly long hallway to walk down before you turn right & enter their living space. i remember when they first moved in, kathryn wondering what to do with this long, random hallway...but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, at least during halloween season, because she turned it into a sort of haunted hallway with the expansive wall space filled with creepy accoutrements. i mean, check out this corner! cobwebs, lit candles, spiders on the ground, the whole deal:

(last night i, in all seriousness, thought up the idea that for our costumes it would be great to go as werewolf bar mitzvah from 30 rock **please click on the link, i'm 92% you will not regret** [plus i'll let you figure out exactly how we were planning on dressing up like werewolf bar mitzvah. i had a plan of how we'd do it, but i just want to retain some mystery here on the bloggy blog] but we ran out of time. so while we didn't have any costumes to speak of, five minutes before the party began i did have enough foresight to throw on a few black & orange tidbits. orange tights, white & black striped dress, orange sweater, & there's an orange bow hiding in my hair there somewhere. next year, werewolf bar mitzvah! next year.)

ghost ship! actually, i'm not sure. they might have this picture up all year round & simply covered it in cobwebs for the season. i'll have to take note the next time we're over there & report back:

skulls & lit candles, & YES, this is still in their hallway! there is SO MUCH that can fit in it! (& let me just say, gosh i love lit candles. i desperately wanted lit candles all over the place for our wedding reception, until i learned that open flames straight aren't allowed in church buildings. yet another reason i wish our reception could have happened somewhere other than in the gym of an lds church building, but nothing can be done about it now)

here's their hallway in its entirety. pretty great, right!

happy pre-halloween to you!

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