Monday, October 7, 2013


a few saturdays ago i participated in a mudderella with some good friends from church. the mudderella was a six mile run in the forests & hills of pennsylvania, with fifteen obstacles scattered through the course. 

& it just, i mean, completely lived up to its name. army crawling in the mud, army crawling through a puddly underwater tunnel, swimming through pools of mud. also! we'd do an obstacle & just, swim in the mud, then run in the heat (it was a hot morning!) & the mud would dry & crack on our skin, & then we'd do another obstacle & that mud would layer over the dried layer of mud we already had, & so by the end we all had, like, twelve layers of mud upon mud just, everywhere. i feel pretty confident in saying it was the dirtiest i've ever been in my life. i had mud in places i didn't even know ex-IS-ted.

this is me trying to scrape any or all sorts of layers of mud already caked on my hands...trying & failing:

we were "team red pants," & buying satin-y, shiny leggings from american apparel for our matching uniforms was the best idea ever. emily (#567 right in the middle) also bought team red pants matching sparkly red headbands that we somehow all managed to keep on the entire race!...this was also a good idea.

piggybacking a teammate across a field was definitely one of the obstacles on the course. my face of concentration here...

...& my hilarious smile here:


you can see a list of the obstacles we did here, & listed below:

- army crawling through an underground tunnel (through puddles! in the dark. my claustrophobic heart still flutters fearfully at the thought)
- climbing a rope up & over a wall
- climbing up & over a wall...without a rope :)
- piggybacking each other through a field
- wheel barreling each other through a field
- army crawling under wire through the mud
- climbing over a wall of hay bales
- climbing up and over a net made of thick rope
- downward-dogging/planking position over parallel walls
- swinging from tire to tire to cross over a certain distance
- crossing over uneven logs like a balance beam
climbing over a series of mounds of mud interspersed with pools of mud

& here is an official video from mudderella that gives a really good idea of the pace & feel of what the run was like:

the theme of mudderella is "own your strong," & it's all very female bonding & women are strong sort of thing. we ran the race as a team & helped each other complete every obstacle, so there was all sorts of good crazy bonding. love my team red pants ladies.

when i first decided to do the sign up for the mudderella, i thought, "okay, i'll just do it this once, to say i've done one of these mud runs, & then i'll never have to do it again." but guess what? i. LOVED. it. it was so much much fun, that i'd do it again! i'd sign up for another one in a heartbeat.

left to right: tara, me, stephanie, emily, carolyn, margo, diane:

our very last obstacle was running & trampolining onto a cargo net, climbing it to the top, then sliding down into a pool of watery mud. we decided to wait for each other at the top of the tower & slide down holding hands & i think the pictures of this are hilarious. i'm the second one in from the right:

there was just enough water in the water : mud ratio to wipe us, eh, somewhat clean-ish:

own your strong, own your strong.



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