Sunday, October 6, 2013

pei times rewind: "anne and gilbert."

major rewind today here, all. so, remember how we went to prince edward island that one time, a few months ago? yeah, we're going back to that time. 

okay, so the whole pei trip was inspired by this blog post i made back in june, when i cheered the fact that a musical all about anne & gilbert exists somewhere in world. while writing the post, i asided to ben (let's use "aside" that way) how fun it would be to someday actually see "anne & gilbert" in prince edward island. enter a double speed movie-type montage of ben sneakily booking us a few nights in a pei hotel, planning the entire trip, buying tickets to "anne & gilbert," revealing the entire birthday surprise to me, two months fly by, our drive up there, & then slow it back down to normal speed as we settle into our seats at "anne & gilbert" our first evening on that beloved little island. i mean, my DREAM had come, it was like i could hardly believe we were actually there when i had JUST verbalized that dream a few months earlier, et cetera et cetera...!!

jury didn't even have to deliberate on this one, guys, "anne & gilbert" was a dream. we were expecting it to maybe be a little cheesy? & it just REALLY wasn't at all. it was so delightful & legitimate, the real deal. it all felt very, well, very prince edward island-y, if that makes sense. one of our favorite songs was "you're island through & through," where anne & gil & several other characters sing about what it means to be a prince-edward-islander. pretty great, pretty hilarious, pretty catchy (even though the "your" in the video title below is killing me):

this is another song we really loved & gave me license to burst out with "gilbert loves anne of green gaaaaables!" the rest of the weekend. also! what made everything ten times better was gilbert himself. hello! so cute. got to watch this guy singing & dancing for hours. observe:

photo from.

just bless this guy, to the moon & the starbucks down the street & back, for his patience & grace for taking me to "anne and gilbert"& sitting through it & just being a great sport about it all. 

the theater was quite small, intimate, & simple, with the seats right there a few feet away from the actors. it was a really wonderful effect, & afterwards we scampered to take a quick picture with one of the set pieces. it was only later that we realized they had already started to take it all down, & that one of the stage guys was levitating sideways, pretty close to the ground, in the background. :)

you guys, the "anne & gilbert" theater is part of this little square that's stuffed with, just, all of the anne of green gables things.

raspberry cordial wonderland:

bosom buddies?! i can't even, it's too good:

p.e.EYES for the win:

don't mind if i do, avonlea assortment:

again, buy all of the things:

after all of the green gables things we walked out to this fancy dock (& might have accidentally crashed a wedding reception that was happening a few feet away...? kidding! i mean, there actually was a reception happening a few feet away, but we didn't crash it...we think.)

pondering the intricacies of the universe, physics, & the more subtle nuances of anne shirley & gilbert blythe's romance, cutely:

you're island, you're island through & through!



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