Sunday, October 20, 2013

weekend times.

how was your weekend? sunday is usually the one day a week we can sleep in a bit - so that's what we did today with a vengeance. yours truly might even have slept a bit too long & then it was suddenly a rush of mascara wands, curling irons, &, i don't know, deodorant & stuff...i don't know how, but we still managed to make it to church on time :)

in other news, we saw captain phillips last night with some friends (& ate here beforehand). that movie! is. intense! we weren't five minutes into watching it before my heart was pounding and i felt all twitchy because of how tense things were getting. 

barkhad abdi, in his first movie role, gave a striking performance as the captain of the somalians & i'm glad he's getting some attention. what made everything even more amazing is the fact that we saw the movie at the recently transformed theater on 84th street, which went from being the grossest, dumpiest theater in manhattan to the place to see the latest flick on a saturday night. 

the theater has plush wide seats that fully recline (it feels like we're watching a movie in bed!) & are paired in two so you can hike up that arm rest for a good cuddle. read all about the amazingness here. so even though captain phillips had me sweating at some points, at least i was the most comfortable i've ever been in a movie theater while doing so.

well, i'll end this grab bag of a blog post with a hearty good night - that trader joe's pumpkin ice cream isn't going to eat itself!

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  1. I much prefer the dollar-movie, 1970s-style, hard as rocks theater chair. Complete with candy gook from the past six years. Only because I'd fall asleep in the deluxe posh numbers!



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