Saturday, November 30, 2013

a few photos of the miskins on thanksgiving day.

there's that golden hour after the thanksgiving feast has been eaten, when just enough of the food & dishes have been cleaned up to avoid feeling gross or lazy, & people are spreading out on couches & floors & beanbags, dozing off or discussing the footballs happening on tv & a happy peace settles in. it was about then that these photos were taken:

this could have been a perfect photo - & it is delightful! asher is even looking directly at the camera! - but tyler had been slowly moving has hand up hannah's head as a joke. tee hee. someone more talented than i could photoshop that business, but we'll leave it for now:

that bottom lip, that bottom lip i tell you!

a tiny turkey holding a football on the sock of a two month old, THIS IS WHAT THANKSGIVING IS ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE:

it is actually possible to scientifically track & quantify asher's discomfort level through the next series of photos. let's take a look:

ha ha. classic kissing photos, i mean, the faces babies make in these types of photos are comedic gold.

this one could be my favorite:

but this photo from the other way has its adorable benefits:

it could be because it's late at night, but i'm greatly enjoying the arched eyebrow happening in this photo on the right:

& in conclusion, a picture of a picture:

good night!

our thanksgiving.

i've had an incredible week here in california. what makes it even better is remembering that i still have one full day left with the fam. 

our thanksgiving was a good one. we all met up in yucaipa (an actual place in southern california, despite its interesting name!) at my brother-in-law tyler's parent's conveniently empty house (they were thanksgiving-ing in indiana) & enjoyed a three-hour (maybe less) flurry of preparation, laughter, general business, cooking, & catching up. various family members had traveled from lots of different places in northern & southern california & utah (not to mention a certain cross-country flight from new york city, winky) to be together for this special day & i had so much fun seeing everybody. all told, we had seventeen people, i believe it was, gathered around two pushed-together tables.

in other news, lots & lots to be grateful for. my heart seems especially full when i write those words, although that could perhaps be because i'm feeling extra weepy & sentimental being away from ben tonight. anyway, more on what i'm grateful for soon.

here are some of the snaps i, your pseudo-photographer, took during the day:

i love the look & sound of a pot simmering on a stovetop. i wish i could make that sentence sound less really-bad-very-failed-attempt-at-being-poetic, but it's getting late & i don't want to spend too much more time on this post :)

our poor-yet-delicious fried bird. it was my first time ever eating deep-fried turkey, & i must say i would absolutely love for me & deep-fried, thanksgiving-type poultry to meet again:

sparkling apple cider let's get this party sttarrrrttteeddd:


besides our poor-yet-delicious deep-fried bird, we also had ham, which ended up being a great idea because, more food for all!:

hannah's husband tyler did the carving honors:

jillian, jacquie, & lauren:

post-toast (which rhymes delightfully, does it not?):

a few members of the clan... well as the littlest member of the clan rocking a mean double-chin:

currently wishing i could rewind time & eat more than just a plate & half of food (i hadn't eaten much all day to prepare for the big dinner, which is always a mistake, sadly, because i then became full way too fast once we started chowing down, when will i learn?). those yams in particular are looking quite delicious right now:

full plate, full hearts, etc:

there's something so satisfying about seeing a large table surrounded by people & crowded with dishes & plates full of food:

ooh, & dessert. for dessert we could choose from six pies, six beautiful pies just calling our names & sounding like a chorus of angels:

& here was the pie selection:

chocolate mousse pie:

pumpkin pie:

banana cream pie:

apple pie:

sour cream apple pie:

lemon meringue pie:

& speaking of pies - learn what your favorite pie says about you. apparently i am extremely talented & naturally gifted, "just like that squirrel that can water-ski." i resent the thinly veiled note of sarcasm in that squirrel bit but hey, i'll take the rest. :) 

what a day! what a glorious day. happy (belated) thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

blue jean.

tomorrow i'm waking up bright & early to fly to southern california. i'll be spending thanksgiving there with family & i'm totally looking forward to a little getaway. ben will still be in vancouver making the science so we're doing thanksgiving apart this year, but we don't mind too much. since my freshman year of college i've always played the nomad for thanksgiving, going to the houses of friends or grandparents, being here & there. it'll be fun in california this week - there's a great cluster of family all within about an hour or so of each other, so lots of things do. we're splitting up the thanksgiving menu, so, among the various food i'm in charge of, we'll see how well i can pull off a cranberry dish.

wish me luck on that one.

let's all take a moment to appreciate the lovely curlicues on the cast-iron bars behind me, & how well ac unit acts as a "photo shoot" prop:

hat: target, necklace: h&m, shirt: thrifted, jeans: zara, shoes: 7 for all mankind (but let's be honest, i found them at tj maxx)

& we can't forget to include a few "nature shots" from ben, our budding nature photographer & aspiring national geographic capturer of images:

(the shot above is of a tree on our street! kinda nice, right?)


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