Saturday, November 9, 2013

6 things i'm excited about this week.

cold weather is officially here to stay!, at least. ben & i are cuddled up watching gone with the wind tonight (benny boy has never seen it! it's such an epic one, i figure he has to see it at least once, & he's a good sport to put up with it all :), scarlett just shook her fist to the heavens declaring she'll never be hungry again, & here i am, making a list of things that i'm excited about this week. let's get started.

1. moroccanoil body oil. perfect for when the bristly air leaves skin, just, dried out. does your skin seem to curl up & dry the second it's cold out? this stuff smells amazing, by the way:

2. the royal tenenbaums. a few weeks ago, when i found out that benjamin had never seen it, i decided that we just needed to up & own it (we've been doing a lot of maiden voyage viewings for ben these days, as you can see). it's just such a fun movie, & there are so many great little details to it: alec baldwin as narrator, everything about pagoda, everything about owen wilson, bill murray as a husband, the "me & julio down by the schoolyard" montage...

...oh! and the joyous opening scene, with "hey jude" playing in the background. i remember the first time i watched this movie, & by the time the "na, na na naaa-naaa-naaa-naaa" chorus played with malachi's flight, it was all just so triumphant...i was a goner. i love this movie.


3. this anthropologie candle. it smells delicious & lasts forever. the scent is so strong that even when i took the top off in the park to snap this picture, within seconds the entire area around me smelled like capri blue. yum. but also probably could have attracted pigeons if left unattended for too long.

can you see me flashing a peace sign in the candle's reflection? kind of?

4. then again, by diane keaton. it's her first memoir, & it's all about her relationship with her mother, dorothy hall. it's supposed to be great & i'm really excited to read it!...if i find a few moments during christmas break. :)

inside the cover:

5. thick camping socks. tonight we came home from dinner with friends, cheeks still blazing from the freezing air, & i slipped on sweats & some thick socks & life was perfect. one place you can find camping socks is here.

6. a current favorite nail color, chocolate moose. it's a nice one, i'm quite enjoying it.

have a great night!

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