Saturday, November 30, 2013

a few photos of the miskins on thanksgiving day.

there's that golden hour after the thanksgiving feast has been eaten, when just enough of the food & dishes have been cleaned up to avoid feeling gross or lazy, & people are spreading out on couches & floors & beanbags, dozing off or discussing the footballs happening on tv & a happy peace settles in. it was about then that these photos were taken:

this could have been a perfect photo - & it is delightful! asher is even looking directly at the camera! - but tyler had been slowly moving has hand up hannah's head as a joke. tee hee. someone more talented than i could photoshop that business, but we'll leave it for now:

that bottom lip, that bottom lip i tell you!

a tiny turkey holding a football on the sock of a two month old, THIS IS WHAT THANKSGIVING IS ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE:

it is actually possible to scientifically track & quantify asher's discomfort level through the next series of photos. let's take a look:

ha ha. classic kissing photos, i mean, the faces babies make in these types of photos are comedic gold.

this one could be my favorite:

but this photo from the other way has its adorable benefits:

it could be because it's late at night, but i'm greatly enjoying the arched eyebrow happening in this photo on the right:

& in conclusion, a picture of a picture:

good night!



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