Friday, November 15, 2013

a numbered chat.

first off, there definitely is not any liquid in the mug in these photos. we took these pictures quickly, right before bed time, we were both just done with the day, basically, & ready to sleep, & i wanted to capture the girlfriends-chatting-over-coffee (or hot chocolate, let's be hon.) vibe without having to heat up any actual coffee...or hot chocolate, actually, it would have been.

so now that's out of the way. but on to the chat! actually, i guess the discussion of coffee vs. hot chocolate can be part of the chat.

1. so, here's a crazy story: every couple weeks for the past six months or so, maybe longer, i've had dreams that all take place at this one high school. the high school building itself is the same every time. it's not the high school i attended myself, it's not a high school i've ever seen in a movie, but it's always the same. what happens in the high school in my dream is all that same dream stuff - lost in the neverending hallway, the bell rings & i'm late to class & i can't find it, i find out my GPA is so low it's nonexistent - but i find it funny & interesting that it all happens in the same place, & that in my dream, & out of it, i recognize the place every time...funny, interesting, & a little crazy? do you have anything like this in your dreams?

2. sometimes i'll kind of stop & look around, appreciating the moment, because it's kind of the calm before the storm. over the next few weeks things are really going to pick up for me. finals papers need to be written, homework needs to be done in the meantime, church responsibilities need to be carried out, a full-time job needs to be, well, full-time jobbed, i need to pack for a few different trips & packing stresses me out something fierce, EVERY TIME, i need to do some serious deep cleaning, & ben will be out of town for most of it. everyone has their busy schedules, & this one is mine. & like i said, i'm trying to soak it all in now before the deadlines come charging. why does it seem like it gets like this every year around this time? is it like this for you?

3. i really like the professor who teaches my toni morrison class. one thing about her is she wears a different colored headwrap every class session, & that thing is wrapped immaculately. i've looked to see if i can ever spot a stray strand of hair poking out, or to find some evidence of the wrap to be wound any way other than immaculately, but i've never had any luck. (i think it looks awesome & i've also totally started wondering if i could wear a headwrap out in public & rock it. i'll keep you updated on this one). anyways, by now, of course, it's almost the end of the semester & i had never seen the professor's hair, not even a speck of it, or any runaway hair strands fallen onto her clothes or anything. & then tonight, she came to class with a headwrap on, like usual. halfway through class, as she's talking about beloved, she casually reaches up & slides the wrap off her head! like it's nothing! like she just exposes her head to us all the time! & we finally saw her hair. probably no one thought it was a big deal but me, but it's like that first time you ever saw your teacher outside of class, like at the grocery store or something, & you suddenly realize your teacher doesn't sleep in the classroom, like you thought. 

oh, & she took the wrap off because she had an itch on her head. :)

this is such a random post, & if i'm being really honest with myself, when i was thinking about this post i mostly visualized the pictures that would be included, & didn't give much thought to what i'd actually write about. as you can see.

have a good night!

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