Monday, November 25, 2013

blue jean.

tomorrow i'm waking up bright & early to fly to southern california. i'll be spending thanksgiving there with family & i'm totally looking forward to a little getaway. ben will still be in vancouver making the science so we're doing thanksgiving apart this year, but we don't mind too much. since my freshman year of college i've always played the nomad for thanksgiving, going to the houses of friends or grandparents, being here & there. it'll be fun in california this week - there's a great cluster of family all within about an hour or so of each other, so lots of things do. we're splitting up the thanksgiving menu, so, among the various food i'm in charge of, we'll see how well i can pull off a cranberry dish.

wish me luck on that one.

let's all take a moment to appreciate the lovely curlicues on the cast-iron bars behind me, & how well ac unit acts as a "photo shoot" prop:

hat: target, necklace: h&m, shirt: thrifted, jeans: zara, shoes: 7 for all mankind (but let's be honest, i found them at tj maxx)

& we can't forget to include a few "nature shots" from ben, our budding nature photographer & aspiring national geographic capturer of images:

(the shot above is of a tree on our street! kinda nice, right?)

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