Monday, November 18, 2013

day of rest.

how was your day of rest? this is the last sunday ben will be in town for...well, a while. impending doom in my heart, & all that. i'll miss that ocean-eyed physicist.

this particular day of rest i was thinking about how i really need to give some things in my life a rest - well, one thing, in particular. i feel like i've been complaining a bit too much lately, & i need to give it a rest. i'm complaining about stuff that plagues most people, not just me. i owe a big apology to people like ben, my mom, & even you, dear readers of this blog, for putting up with it. i like to think of myself as being a certain way, but these last few days & yes, maybe even weeks, my boo-hoo woe-is-me attitude is just not in line with how i want to think of myself. 

so it's time for me to sit up straight, shut my mouth, eat a bite of a toffee & almond symphony bar, & get to freaking work already. clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose, right? :)

this skirt is buttery soft leather & i really enjoy it as a clothing item. it's from asos. heels are guess (but who am i kidding, i found them at tj maxx), turtleneck from zara, scarf is h&m.

i'll give the complaining a rest!...starting tomorrow. because for now, i'm going to bed, & complaining can't happen when you're sleeping, right?...unless it happens in your dreams, which i wouldn't worry about EXCEPT for the fact that, as you know, my dreams have been kind of wonky lately. good night.

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