Thursday, November 21, 2013

jared & breanna's wedding.

a few weeks ago, ben & i flew to utah for my brother jared's wedding. jared & breanna were married on a bright, clear day in draper, & everything about it was delightful. while ben & i loved our wedding, we kinda almost like attending weddings more: you can actually visit with the family who traveled all that way, you can actually eat the food & appreciate the decor & details that were prepared & planned for so meticulously, you can actually sit's the simple things. :)

so let's take a look at this one!:

the original six + bride:

[my outfit details: dress & shoes: asos, belt: zara, necklaces: anthropologie]

groom & parental units:

bride & parental units:

breanna & her fun sisters! if you hold your hand over their eyes & just look at their noses & mouths, you can see the family resemblance like crazy. so cute:

this one below is of the wedding party heading to take some pictures. i love it because i feel like it's [one side of] me in a nutshell: out in front, leading the way, gesticulating wildly & speaking at what i'm sure was a volume much too loud & beyond the levels of what is considered appropriate while one is  on temple grounds:

le party:

the wedding colors were navy blue & powder blue. while we bridesmaids were given the choice to wear either color, we all ended up in navy blue, which looked great - & the powder blue showed up in the flowers & the ties. perfect representation of both colors (i'm weird & pinterest-y enough to not only notice stuff like this, but blog about it).

breanna & i, & jare-bear & ben (did you know jared knew ben a while before i did? they were in the same ward, & the same elder's quorum presidency, the whole time i was on my soul-crunching mission. although i'm tempted to use the word "factoid" when describing this information, i won't, & i'll settle for calling it a fun fact):

future fathers of america:

the boys (left to right: jeff, jared's friend since freshman year at byu & longtime roommate, our brother eli, the groom himself, benny boy best brother-in-law, & freddy, jared's mission companion) inspired by photos like this, kinda:

a few beautiful shots of jared & breanna (they were sealed by jared's mission president from his mission in tokyo! can you say jealous much? because i can. how awesome to be sealed by your mission president...we loved our sealer too):

doesn't breanna look lovely? her mom made her dress, can you believe it? i think it's perfection:

the reception was held at south mountain golf club, which was just down the road from the temple. no really, it was a stone's throw. we could have walked from the temple to the reception. nice & close. the food was delicious, the conversation was sparkling, the views from the venue were amazing (more on the view in a sec):

lots & lots of natural light during the reception. so lovely:

everyone loves baby asher!:

cutting of the cake:

the view at the reception...i know, right?! i can't get over how beautiful it was that day:

lovely flowers & general ensemble from mother of the groom:

bye buddies, hope you find your dad:

all of these gorgeous photos were taken by jared medley (we thought it was funny the groom & the photographer had the same name. "hey jared, are you ready to take pictures?" "sure, jared!" "great! stand over here, jared." "you got it, jared." & so on, ad nauseam.) aren't the photographs beautiful? jared (the photographer) did a wonderful job, & was so great & fun all day long. you can view jared & breanna's entire wedding album here.



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