Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"live and die."

so i've had this recent obsession with the song "live & die" by the avett brothers. "you & i, we're the same, live & die, we're the same." just so wonderful. & it's just...i just think about ben every time i listen to it. i know, i know. but that's just who i think about, so...sorry?

anyway, the music video is equally, if not more, wondrous. i mean, i don't know what they have in the water over there in south carolina, but man those avett bros. are sure fun to look at. if i ever met their parental units i'd just want to give them a handshake full of gratitude. don't even get me started on their outfits & hats in this vid. i'm starting to feel silly.

but just imagine, like, twelve byron sullys in their nineties hair glory playing musical instruments in a circle, smiling at each other, looking like they're loving life, & you've got this music vid. allow me to provide you with a few images as a refresher course:

are you starting to catch the vision? also, you're welcome. 

but back to the music. "live & die" is delightful. keep an eye out for the standing cellist, which after seeing i always say to ben that he could have been an avett brother if he had, i don't know, played his cards right or whatever...but he'll always be an avett brother in my heart? okay i'm stopping now.

in conclusion: long hair. great song. byron sully. loving life. here 'tis:

sully images from here, here, & here.

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