Sunday, November 17, 2013

our saturday.

ben is leaving soon, to embark on a physic adventure full of experiments, lab time, research, & just makin' that science science science. it'll be a couple weeks that he's gone, & i'm utterly enraged that he's leaving, pulling my hair out with stress that my numero uno partner-in-crime will be gone at such a crazy time of the year for me, & heart-breakingly distraught knowing that i'll miss him like crazy, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

that's a lot of feels, i know, for one person. you don't have to tell me. :)


today we ditched studies & work ( much as possible :) to spend tons of time together before benny boy's journey through time & space (last night we watched star trek, tonight we're watching star trek: into darkness, so i'm allowing myself & this blog post to be inspired/influenced by the adventures of starship enterprise & its crew by using phrases like "time & space." on a related note, can we talk about benedict cumberbatch in that movie for a second? before star trek: into darkness i was like, "hmm, benny cumberbatch. i don't quite see it, he's okay-looking i guess?" but then i beheld him in all his glory in star trek with that high collar/dark trenchcoat number & long hair in the face, etc, & i was like, "OKAY. i KHAN see it now, I KHAN SEE IT NOW." [on a related related note, this gif is humorous]).

but i digress. on to our saturday.

we started the day off with a softball game in central park with some of our great nyc friends. after a week of weather dipping down into the 20s, yikes, we played in 57-degree, gorgeous, sunny weather. it was quite the lucky day to be in the park. there were nine of us & only 2 gloves, so we had to get a little creative with the way we played. lots of fielding with our bare hands, which, one cannot imagine how terrifying it is to have a flying softball the size of a cantaloupe, basically, whizzing & whistling towards one's head until one is actually there in the outfield trying to catch it with no glove. so yeah, you could say the game kept us on our toes.

abysmal quality photo, amazing quality friends:

later in the day <i feel the need to clarify we took showers after softball & before everything else we did, i don't know why> we made an afternoon stop to levain bakery. peanut butter dark chocolate for him, & say hello my friend, dark chocolate chocolate chip.

we stopped for dinner at clarke's standard in midtown, which is this burger place a friend introduced to us recently. the burgers there get better every time we go (this was only our second time eating there, but still.)

i love this photo because the stripes could not have been more perfectly aligned right over my eyes if we had tried:

it gets better, because it happened twice:

in only two trips, the shakes at this place have quickly shot to the top of our list of favorites in the city. so so good:

our next destination required us to walk through the christmas joy all set up in columbus circle, & that was a good, nice thing:

twinkle lights and permission from benny boy to finish off the last few sips of chocolate milkshake?? night. made:

walked up to 66th which means hey hiiii lds temple/church building we meet in: 

on our walk, we spotted ben's backpack twin. we wanted ben to walk by him, slyly, & we could sneak a picture, but this guy was just ZOOMING down the sidewalk, really going fast, so we had to almost run to keep up with him & the whole thing was just ridiculous & funny. no but really, exact backpack twins:

haha. the guy never noticed us, if you were feeling anxiety over that.

after clarke's standard hammies, we walked up to juilliard to attend a free concert. juilliard puts on a ton of student recitals & most of them are free. it's such an amazing opportunity & one that's kinda easily forgotten. but we were able to waltz right on in, no needing to pay for a ticket or anything, & enjoy a cello recital from a student who is working towards his master's degree. he played some beethoven, he played some bach, he played some britten. 

artwork right outside paul hall (trying saying "paul hall" 5 times fast):

two things we feel like we do, just, 24/7: wash dishes (we don't have a dishwasher! i've probably complained about mentioned it before. actually i know i have.), & ride the subway.

to really round out the evening, before heading home we made a romantic stop at our corner supermarket to pick up a few essentials needed before the sabb. & congratulations, now you know a wee percentage of the food we keep in our fridge. any pulp fans out there?:

hope your saturday was a grand one!

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