Saturday, November 30, 2013

our thanksgiving.

i've had an incredible week here in california. what makes it even better is remembering that i still have one full day left with the fam. 

our thanksgiving was a good one. we all met up in yucaipa (an actual place in southern california, despite its interesting name!) at my brother-in-law tyler's parent's conveniently empty house (they were thanksgiving-ing in indiana) & enjoyed a three-hour (maybe less) flurry of preparation, laughter, general business, cooking, & catching up. various family members had traveled from lots of different places in northern & southern california & utah (not to mention a certain cross-country flight from new york city, winky) to be together for this special day & i had so much fun seeing everybody. all told, we had seventeen people, i believe it was, gathered around two pushed-together tables.

in other news, lots & lots to be grateful for. my heart seems especially full when i write those words, although that could perhaps be because i'm feeling extra weepy & sentimental being away from ben tonight. anyway, more on what i'm grateful for soon.

here are some of the snaps i, your pseudo-photographer, took during the day:

i love the look & sound of a pot simmering on a stovetop. i wish i could make that sentence sound less really-bad-very-failed-attempt-at-being-poetic, but it's getting late & i don't want to spend too much more time on this post :)

our poor-yet-delicious fried bird. it was my first time ever eating deep-fried turkey, & i must say i would absolutely love for me & deep-fried, thanksgiving-type poultry to meet again:

sparkling apple cider let's get this party sttarrrrttteeddd:


besides our poor-yet-delicious deep-fried bird, we also had ham, which ended up being a great idea because, more food for all!:

hannah's husband tyler did the carving honors:

jillian, jacquie, & lauren:

post-toast (which rhymes delightfully, does it not?):

a few members of the clan... well as the littlest member of the clan rocking a mean double-chin:

currently wishing i could rewind time & eat more than just a plate & half of food (i hadn't eaten much all day to prepare for the big dinner, which is always a mistake, sadly, because i then became full way too fast once we started chowing down, when will i learn?). those yams in particular are looking quite delicious right now:

full plate, full hearts, etc:

there's something so satisfying about seeing a large table surrounded by people & crowded with dishes & plates full of food:

ooh, & dessert. for dessert we could choose from six pies, six beautiful pies just calling our names & sounding like a chorus of angels:

& here was the pie selection:

chocolate mousse pie:

pumpkin pie:

banana cream pie:

apple pie:

sour cream apple pie:

lemon meringue pie:

& speaking of pies - learn what your favorite pie says about you. apparently i am extremely talented & naturally gifted, "just like that squirrel that can water-ski." i resent the thinly veiled note of sarcasm in that squirrel bit but hey, i'll take the rest. :) 

what a day! what a glorious day. happy (belated) thanksgiving!

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