Sunday, November 24, 2013

saturday night review of the interweb.

1. this is a quiz made in funny gal heaven: who said it: jennifer lawrence or liz lemon? (i love both of them & i actually found this quiz kind of hard. haha.)

2. thinking about moving to seattle?...well, even if you're not, i'm feeling some home city pride with this 37 things you should know before moving to seattle article...even though it also talks about things like how "winter weight gain" is true, & how portland is more hipster than seattle. hard-hitting news.

3. leonardo da vinci dreamed up an instrument that combined the piano & cello called the "viola organista." there is no evidence that this instrument was ever built. well, fast forward over 500 years later, & a (i'm guessing eccentric) polish musician has built the viola organista. it sounds like everything you'd hope it would sound like.

photo from the article.

4. this little movie proves that we all take the same instagram pictures of the same stuff. kind of depressing when this fact is staring us right in the face,, but in our heart of hearts we all kind of knew that was true, right?

5. the other day i posted the onion's hilarious review of the hunger games: catching fire. it so happens there is a *more real* (or less real, depending on what you think of the new york times) review of catching fire on the interweb. (sometimes i secretly want to be a movie or arts or book reviewer for the new york times, despite their pretentiousness, because my opinion would just carry, like, a buttload of weight. plus the new york times reviews are most of the time, just, quite well-written [in my opinion?] & i would love to, i don't know, write like that i guess?)

6. someone recorded crickets & slowed down the track...& it sounds like humans singing in perfect harmony. listen here - it's crazy!

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