Friday, November 1, 2013

the great jack o'lantern blaze.

last night we went with friends to the great jack o'lantern blaze, & oh my gosh! we loved it. it was absolutely magnificent. we were led through spooky scenes & vignettes made out of over 10,000 lit pumpkins total, pumpkins carved with the most intricate designs i've ever seen into things like skeletons, animals, dinosaurs, tombstones...& so much more. we have pictures!

we took a train from grand central out to croton-harmon (kinda near sleepy hollow/tarrytown). the blaze is located on the grounds of van cortlandt manor. the van cortlandts were some of the wealthiest people in new york about 200 years ago, & the amount of land they owned equaled eight manhattans (listening to a tour guide = plenty of blogging fodder), & these days you can tour their home. 

so let's get started. this sign greeted us on the way in & was an exciting indicator of the greatness to come. you'll notice it's shaky because i took it, & i have little patience for holding still enough to take photos at night. it gets better because i eventually handed the camera off to ben, who has infinite patience (& displays that patience every day being married to me :D)

a snake. see the trail of pumpkins behind this head making up its body?

the first vignette we walked through was garden-themed. snakes & reptiles in the grass, tall sunflowers, a beehive, 

see how this beehive is make up of several stacked pumpkins?...& all the bees are tiny little pumpkins, or, more appropriately, punkins. so cute:

we loved the pattern of lights that made it look like the bees/punkins were flying. we have fooootage!:

a hill full of sunflowers/stacked pumpkins taller than any of us. such a gorgeous scene right off the bat:

a few of us trying to pose in the dark & it wasn't too successful, oops?:

you catch a glimpse of van cortlandt manor in the background of this one:

i mean, pumpkins everywhere you looked. covering the ground, hanging in the trees, stacked in front of your face, & it was all glorious:

these guys were pretty funny:

the pumpkins lining the manor had lights that were timed to spooky music:

sad pumpkin:

scary characters left to right: invisible man, dracula, frankenstein, bride of frankenstein, & mummy. aren't they so great?!:

attacking/waving skeleton:

this spider was HUGE. i mean, look at the detail of all its legs! so cool:

zillions of pumpkins making up its web:

can you spot where this clock says "the end is near"? such a troubling message from your standard gourd:

three witches straight out of macbeth. i loved their cauldron...& the flames beneath it?! wonderful:

but i mean, this archway on our way out:

*ding!* (my hands were freezing)

blurry, but this was the pumpkin aquarium:

& a tyger tyger burning bright:

i mean, the individual hairs on this ape!:


these two guys might have been some of my favorites:

group shot

new york city has its craziness, but man it & its surrounding townships sure do nail halloween. so much fun! & bye bye now.

{check out a few halloween things we did last year here & here.}

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  1. 1. That is amazing. 2. I am the same way with pictures.... in fact someone on Insta asked me if my camera lens was scratched because my pics were always blurry haha now I make Chad take them all!



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