Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a frandsen christmas eve.

ben & i are spending our christmas break here in la canada, california, at ben's parents' home. all the frandsen brothers are here - abe, christian, ben (& a little tagger-along-er), & brigham (& his family). it's been so fun to spend time with everyone. the weather has been beautiful, the kids have been cute, the conversation has been witty & interesting, the food has been delicious (& too much has been eaten, at least by the author) - in short, everything has been perfect.

christmas eve was a good time - a lot of last-minute shopping, furiously wrapping up gifts, playing with kids, a christmas program in the evening, & more. 

christian & lucy's two-man acrobatic show in the afternoon:

sweet baby jane:


the next few are a rapid-fire series of delightful & darling pictures of jane:

lucy singing "over the river & through the woods" at our christmas program:

we also acted out a nativity while christie read the christmas story aloud from the bible. lucy was mary...

...ben was a donkey, elijah was joseph...

...please everyone notice the adorable way lucy is clutching her baby bump:

...abe & lincoln were the wise men who sported some truly fabulous & ahead-of-their-time headwear...

...i can't even take lincoln's solemnity as a wise man, it's so priceless. he stood like this for a good thirty seconds or so (which is a long time to stand to stoically for a kid his age!). so funny!...

...& this was the best attempt at a group shot we were able to get. :) bravo, troupe of actors! (i played the angel in the story, by the way...i am actually pictured in all of these photos & only the truly faithful will be able to see me appear before their eyes :)

ben snapped this photo as we were sitting around chatting with lucy. i'm wearing the pajama bottoms all the adults received (this photo taken after the play, so i'm not an angel anymore, so both the faithful & unfaithful can see me. ah hahaha) & lucy's wearing the jammies grandma made for her:

happy (belated) christmas eve!

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